Swarm is a buzz word in autonomous vehicles

According to Audi, the car of the future will use swarm data. This data will help to communicate constantly with other cars, road signs and traffic control systems, as well as smart connected devices around them – smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi networks. These cars will be location-aware, able to communicate to gather information about […]

Finance Levels Up since June – now 11.5%

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (5th January) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale (across all years) with finance outstanding is 11.5% – up from 9.5% in June 2016. Cartell.ie also reports that more vehicles for certain key registration years are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than 2015. From […]

Cartell Customer wins Autotrade Motor Factor of the Year 2017 Award

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is always delighted when a customer wins a prestigious award. John Laverty Motor Factors recently won the Autotrade Motor Factor of the Year 2017 Award. John was kind enough to give some credit to Cartell.ie: After winning the Autotrade Motor Factor of the Year 2017 award – I personally feel the […]

Protect Yourself from Scams in the Market

Vehicle History Check Expert CARTELL.IE is here to assist you in your purchase of a vehicle. However, sometimes, it’s not always the vehicle history you should be most concerned about: the buying process itself can lead to unsuspecting victims losing their money in a scam. Many of us are buying and selling our cars online […]

“Car-Pass” a Success in Belgium – Cartell.ie proposed something similar

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking at the issue of “clocking” of a motor vehicle. The Car Remarketing Association of Europe (CARA) identified fraud as one of its key priorities during its 2016 general assembly. Members heard that the Car-Pass system used in Belgium has led to a drastic reduction in fraud in the past decade […]

New Cars Driving More Miles than Pre-Recession (up 7%)

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (November 16) that annual mileage in newer cars is increasing as the country recovers. The average annualised mileage travelled by a car 5 years-of-age or less (“newer cars”) in 2016 is 21,028 KMs. This represents an increase of 7.1% over the equivalent figure for 2008 (19,635 KMs). […]

As USA goes to the Polls how is its car industry doing?

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is looking at the USA Presidential election – well not quite – we’re looking at the car industry there on the day America chooses its next president! Overall the market is beating analysts expectations – falling from the record highs of last year but not falling that much. Remember 2015 was […]

Lorry Driver conviction re-opens debate about mobile phones in vehicles

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is looking at the issue of mobile phone use in vehicles. Readers will be aware that Irish law prohibits their use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion – the provision specifically refers to the act of holding a phone while driving in a public place (Road Traffic Act […]

Apple reportedly scaling back its drive for autonomous vehicle

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking again at the issue of autonomous vehicles. Readers will know Cartell.ie Director Jeff Aherne recently appeared on RTÉ Prime Time commenting on the market for self-driving cars and what we can expect in the future. One of the big players long-expected to enter the autonomous vehicle market is tech-giant […]

UK Government launch Consultation on “Clocking”

Clocked UK Cars Blog

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is reporting on news from the UK that the Department for Transport (UK) has launched a consultation into toughening up legislation on ‘clocking’ . In the UK knowingly selling a clocked vehicle without disclosing the fact is a criminal offence. Simon Blackburn, chairman of the UK Local Government Association (LGA) Safer […]

Could Hydrogen-Powered-Vehicles be the future?

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking at hydrogen-powered-vehicles. As readers will know we regularly feature blogs on electric vehicles (EVs) including Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and autonomous vehicles which are usually reliant on electric energy. We even featured in a recent RTÉ Prime Time programme discussing autonomous vehicles. We’re aware the market has been […]

Automated Cars still set to be the future

Updated 16th September: This blog has been updated with the RTÉ Prime Time feature on automated vehicles. Also with news that Tesla has announced an update for its semi-autonomous driving aid which relies more on radar than camera to sense its environment. It also mentions Ford’s demonstration of its self-driving car and Uber’s self-driving taxi […]

European Day Without a Road Death

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie pledges to support the upcoming project EDWARD a project organised by TISPOL – the Traffic Police network in Europe. TISPOL’s target is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on Wednesday 21st September. An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority are proudly supporting the project. 26,300 people […]

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication

US Government to legislate for Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Vehicle History expert Cartell.ie is following the news published on CarAndUs.com! The following is a blog reproduced from that site! Generally the US lags behind Europe in the implementation of vehicle safety features. It was only in 1984 that a law came in to force making the use […]

NMR reaches 20 million readings!

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie is delighted to announce the National Mileage Register (NMR) has reached the milestone of 20 million mileage readings! Cartell customers have access to the NMR when they conduct a mileage check on Cartell.ie. Set up in 2006 the NMR in Ireland was modelled on the successful NMR in the UK […]

Age of Fleet Pushes Upwards – Size Levels-Off

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (August 10th) that the age of the fleet in Ireland continues to rise while the size of the fleet appears to have levelled off. Cartell.ie tracked the average age of a private vehicle in Ireland in January of every year between 2000 and 2016. Between January 2015 […]

Facing backwards in autonomous vehicles

Cars that drive themselves will fundamentally change how we design our vehicles. Currently we are used to seeing forward facing seats. Mirrors, pedals, and even steering wheels may no longer be necessary. Automakers will be free to pursue their creative ideas to design how the interior of a car may look. As the car is […]

Cartell Welcomes Regulation for Written-Off Vehicles

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE welcomes today (14th July) news that Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, yesterday brought new legislation to cabinet which will compel insurers to notify his Department of Category A and Category B write-offs. At present a voluntary system of notification is in place but for years Cartell.ie has called for […]

Used Imports into Ireland up 22%

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (29th June) that the numbers of used vehicles imported into Ireland this year are up 22% on last year. In the month of May imports surged by 51.23% compared to the same month last year. Likewise in April imports were up by 39% compared with April 2015. […]

Sterling not a Major Factor for Imports

Brexit: For the day that’s in it we are re-publishing these study findings from last year Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports on the results of analysis matching the fluctuating value of GBP (“sterling”) and the numbers of vehicle imports into Ireland. Cartell tracked monthly vehicle imports for a 90-month-period from January 2008 to June 2015. […]

A Guide to Alternative Fuels

Vehicle History Experts Cartell.ie have published several times on alternative fuels and the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) market.  Our friends at Southside Motor Factors provided us with the infographic below on alternative fuels which may interest our readers. Fossil fuels, a finite resource, are seen as environmentally unkind and the internal combustion engine consequently came […]

Finance Levels Up as PCPs impact market

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (8th June) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale (across all years) with finance outstanding is 9.5%. Cartell.ie also reports that more vehicles for certain key registration years are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than last year. From a sample of over 5,906 vehicles […]

Autonomous Cars to take-off as Google patents a “sticky” layer for protection

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie has looked at the issue of autonomous (self-driving) cars before. Over the past 2 years there has been a regular stream of stories about them. One publication anticipates 10 million self-driving cars on the roads worldwide by 2020. In their report “Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution” analysts KPMG say: The new […]

Written-Off UK Imports Prominent in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE Follow-Up to RTÉ Prime Time Programme Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (11th May) on the actual numbers of written-off vehicles imported into Ireland from the United Kingdom (UK) in 2015. In a first-of-its-kind analysis – which follows-up on last night’s RTÉ Prime Time programme – Cartell reports that 10.75% of all UK […]

Donagh Kelly retains Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes title!

Vehicle history check expert Cartell.ie congratulate Donagh Kelly and co-driver Conor Foley who have retained their Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes title in Kerry. The pair emerged victorious 12 months ago with 50 seconds to spare and they repeated that feat with a fantastic performance around this year’s stages. Kelly, in his Ford Focus WRC, began Sunday […]

Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes this weekend!

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is delighted to welcome you to the Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes in Killarney this May Bank Holiday weekend (Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May). This fantastic international event is expected to draw thousands of fans and a new programme of events has been lined up this year to […]

Child Safety of Paramount Importance

Vehicle History expert Cartell.ie are happy to promote the following infographic provided to us by WoodStock Motors concerning child-seat safety: this is a particularly important issue. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) say 3 in 4 child seats are incorrectly fitted in Ireland. They have a “Check it Fits” service to assist with this exact issue. […]

New Cars Sales in the EU up 6% in March

Registrations of new cars in the EU posted strong growth in March, up 6% to 1.7 million units and marking the 31st consecutive month of growth – according to Motortrader.com. The online motor publication said the performance in volume terms was close to March 2007 levels, just before the financial meltdown in 2009. Registrations were […]

Official Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes Launch

Press Release Killarney and District Motor Club held the official launch to the Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes on Easter bank holiday Monday at Scotts Hotel Killarney. There were some beautiful rally cars on display and a large crowd in attendance. Officials, Organisers, Sponsors, distinguished guest speakers such as TD Brothers Michael & Danny Healy […]

Cartell.ie International Rally is launched in Killarney!

Cartell.ie representatives John Byrne and Donal Lawlor attended the launch of the Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes 2016 in Killarney during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. The event was hosted by event organizers The Killarney and District Motor Club, Anthony O’Connor Rally of the Lakes COC and the rally Organising Committee. It took place […]

New and Used Market Snapshot March 2016

For this analysis we looked first at the models selling well in the used vehicle market so far in 2016 and compared those results to the same period for last year. The tables below show you there has not been much change in consumer sentiment year-over-year. The Ford Focus has been consistently the best performer […]

New Vehicle Market up 23%

PRESS RELEASE USED MARKET UP 5% Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie report today (26th February) the market for both new and used vehicles is up in 2016 – the increase is significant in the case of new vehicle sales. Total transactions for new vehicles stand at 64,718 in the year up to February 25. […]

New Vehicle Market up 22%

PRESS RELEASE Used Market up 3% Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie report today (27th January) the market for both new and used vehicles is up in 2016 – the increase is significant in the case of new vehicle sales. Total transactions for new vehicles stand at 33,448 in the year up to January 24. […]

New dawn for Motorhub team

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie shares the following news concerning vehicle and automotive market information provider motorhub.ie: Motorhub.ie today announces its new team line-up. Four motor journalists- Michael Sheridan, Brian Kellett, Bob Flavin and Daragh Ó Tuama- have decided to combine their many years of experience to take the Motorhub website, www.motorhub.ie, to a new level. […]

Cartell featuring in the Media

Vehicle History Check Cartell.ie was delighted our recent story on vehicle retirements featured nationwide in national and local media. Readers will remember our story highlighted how 2016 presents an opportunity for increased car sales as 130,000 vehicles are expected to retire from the fleet this year – up 12% on last year. We particularly liked […]

Ford and Google still considering autonomous vehicle partnership

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie was waiting to hear the announcement of these two giants making a potential partnership in respect of autonomous cars. Even though Ford and Google didn’t announce it at CES, despite rumours the partnership was imminent, -according to The Economist– a new report from The Wall Street Journal reports that the companies […]

Detroit Auto Show reveals Hydrogen-powered Audi and FordPass

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie reports on the first major autoshow of the year: the Detroit Auto Show. This is the big show for North American manufacturers. Many of our readers will know the new vehicle market in the USA is booming at the moment. 2015 saw the most new vehicle sales – all time – […]

Gearing up for Winter Driving

Vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie promotes safe driving – in the Winter months – and throughout the year. We are delighted to display information from Southside Motor Factors which details some tips for motorists over the Winter months. Remember, even though there has been little sign of ice and snow so far this year, […]

130,000 Private Cars Set To Leave Fleet in 2016

Opportunity for Strong New Car Sales Vehicle history and data experts Cartell.ie report today (6th January) that it expects 130,000 vehicles to leave the fleet in 2016, up 12% over last year, which presents an opportunity for the industry to sell more new vehicles. Cartell.ie looked at the natural rate of attrition of the fleet […]

Electric Vehicles still stall

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie has written many times about electric vehicles (EVs) including about the relatively low take-up on EV ownership in Ireland. While things have improved this year- 677 all-electric vehicles were purchased representing a significant increase over last years figure of 270 – we’re still no where near the levels of exponential growth […]

Why MPG figures may be unrealistic

On a couple of occasions vehicle history expert Cartell.ie posted blogs about the unrealistic MPG figures claimed by some manufacturers: including when consumer watchdog WhatCar? indicated real-world figures were less than claimed and launched “True MPG Data“. VanLeasing.com put together an interesting infographic where they detail the 8 reasons why your vehicle will never reach […]