What is C.A.V.E and how is it affecting the Automotive Industry?

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CAVE:  Connected – Autonomous – Vehicles – Electric

“Connected” – The ability through which a vehicle can share information with other vehicles and its environment.
“Autonomous Vehicles” – Vehicles capable of deciding on and taking a course of action, such as steering or braking, without the need for human intervention.
“Electric” – Vehicles propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy typically stored in rechargeable batteries.

CAVE Conference

MIT Mullingar are delighted to announce that Mr. Jeffery Aherne motoring expert on will be giving a presentation entitled “The CAVE Future – Connected Autonomous Vehicle Electric” on Tuesday 4th December in the Annebrook House Hotel, Mullingar at 7:30pm.

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Conference Description

The motoring industry is going through a period of massive change. Plug-In Hybrid is replacing Diesel, Electric is replacing Hybrid. There is a massive convergence between IT and Automotive and vehicles are being fitted with ever more features to make them safer to drive. Lane departure, Collision Avoidance and Blind Spot detection have become common features in newer cars. We will see higher level features such as Autonomous Cruise Control being replaced by full Autonomy.
Before everyone can enjoy the technological improvements a number of key questions have to be addressed and answered.

  • Are we as a country, positioned to take advantage of AVs to manage our road network more safely and efficiently than ever before while, at the same time, delivering superior customer service to the travelling public?
  • Car manufacturers will have access to massive amounts of personal data, will this be monitored?
  • Will the cars become too expensive with the addition of new technology, could this cause new car sales to drop significantly?
  • Will insurance premiums increase because of increased car values, or, will the added safety features cause premiums to drop?
  • How will this affect car ownership?
  • What data between the vehicle and user is shared / owned?
  • What services can be created through the sharing of data?
  • Where will the data be stored and who is responsible for it?
  • Will all collision data be stored, and, what responsibilities and ownership exist on the State’s part?

CAVE Conference - Jeff AherneSpeaker Profile

Jeff is the Director Engineer at Cartell.ie & CEO CarandUs.com. Working with Cartell he has changed the law with respect to Written Off Cars and make Clocking Illegal. He is the founding member of Electronomous, Ireland’s International Car Tech Summit and at the forefront of this new Automotive Technology.

Conference Information

Location:  Annebrook House Hotel.
Date / Time:  Tuesday 4th December, 7:30pm *sharp*

This is a FREE event however to accommodate all attendees comfortably registration is required.
This event is sponsored by Electronomous. Now in its third year, Electronomous is well established itself as a key Industry event with ambitions of becoming one of Europe’s leading AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY EVENTS over the coming years.

The Event is a ONE AND A HALF DAY International Conference with an Irish context bringing together top experts in the field of Electric Vehicles, Connected Car Technology, ADAS, Cyber Security and Autonomous Vehicles.
It also offers an unprecedented opportunity to Network with Industry leaders and leading experts in the fields mentioned above, while also providing a great platform to create new business relationships.

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Additional Information

Email: mit@cookieweb.ie
MIT Mullingar: http://mitmullingar.com
Jeff Aherne: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/jeffaherne
Electronomous: www.Electronomous.com