No-Deal BREXIT affecting Irish Drivers

UK Drivers License - BREXIT

UK Drivers License - BREXIT

Irish License Holders & BREXIT

Right now, your driver’s licence is a pan-European one, which means it is valid in any EU country. Post-BREXIT, that may change, and you may need to apply for an international driver’s permit to be allowed to drive in the UK on your Irish licence. International permits are available from the AA in Ireland, and it costs €15, but you’ll need to allow time as you have to send in your existing licence by post, along with a passport-style photo and a current household bill for proof of address.

UK License Holders & BREXIT

On the 29th of March, if the unmentionable happens and a no-deal BREXIT is the end result. UK drivers licence holders living here in Ireland will be significantly affected.

UK license holders in Ireland will be no longer “recognised” and the driver will not be able to continue to drive here on that licence.

Advice to such drivers, courtesy of NDLS.ie (National Drivers License Service), is that they should exchange their UK driving licence for an Irish driving licence before the 29 March 2019, which is set as the withdrawal date of the UK from the EU. Under current arrangements a UK licence holder resident here in Ireland has an entitlement to make such an exchange. In such a case the driver will have all valid licence categories on their driver licence included on the Irish licence. There are some limited exceptions where what are known as national licences categories cannot be transferred to the Irish licence. You may need to speak to the DVLA to find out if you have any national categories on your UK licence.

To exchange your licence you must complete a licence application form and present this, the correct fee and your UK licence at an NDLS centre.

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