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Cartell is Ireland’s first and most comprehensive automotive data supplier providing Car History Checks to consumers and dealers. Launched in 2006, Cartell is the automotive data expert providing tailored vehicle intelligence data to insurers, financiers, parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and all sectors of the automotive industry. We supply data for the following European countries, UK & Ireland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Malta.


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Car History Check

The Cartell Car Check allows users to discover the complete history of all Irish and UK vehicles. We use a vast number of sources including the government and multiple key players in the motor industry resulting in the most accurate information possible. A Cartell Car Check alerts for Insurance Write-Offs, Outstanding Finance, Mileage Discrepancies plus much more.

Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)

VRM data is available from Cartell via Web Services over XML/SOAP to third party companies wishing to increase efficiency, accuracy and automation. With just a vehicle registration number Cartell can populate vehicle data fields such as Make, Model, Description, Engine Size, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Number of Owners, Dates of Sale, NCT and Date of First Registration, etc.

Make Model List (MML)

Cartell's MML is a compiled dataset of technical data relating to all make and models (across Irish and some European markets) which includes all relevant attributes such as engine capacity, fuel-type, body-type, power, etc. This can be customised to suit specific requirements.

Trade Retail Guide (TRG)

The TRG is a CSV formatted used car price guide, its use is beneficial when the vehicle registration is unknown. The guide provides the Retail Asking Price and Trade Price of a used car, i.e. the retail asking price of a typical used car of that age, mileage and condition when advertised for sale. The Trade Price, which is the value a typical dealer or used car trader will pay for the same vehicle.
The TRG is based on seven different kilometre points, 10K, 15K, 17K, 20K, 25K, 30K, and 33K. The values are produced using industry standard methodologies including some of the latest market analysis techniques, overlaid with Cartell's experience of the new and used car market.

Cartell Price Guide (CPG)

The Cartell CPG provides an accurate, real-time vehicle valuation, via VRM look-up. This is important as the market is made up of different derivatives; LX, GLX, and so on, all with different original purchase prices. Cartell CPG is the only price guide which is able to take a used car advertised price and compare with its original list price from JATO. CPG offers both Retail and Trade pricing and takes into consideration, NCT, kilometres, number of owners and Tax. Bulk Valuations, Future Valuations using VRM & mileage parameters are available.

Car Stat

Carstat is a statistical solution for the Irish motor industry providing highly accurate new and used sales data along with imported and location statistics. Carstat is the only statistical product in Ireland providing used car sales data showing trade stock levels. It can also provide location data for vehicles which is not based on the Registration County but rather the live location. It is the ultimate tool for planning strategies in the Irish Car Market.

Car Parc

Car Parc is a static file based on Make, Model, Fuel, CC etc. which is delivered by SFTP download monthly in CSV format. It can be linked to mapping codes such ABI, Insecom, Jato, Glasses, Tecdoc KType, MVRIS and SMMT. Outputs can be customised by frequency of model change by location, by fuel, CO2, Tax class, number of owners plus many more additional data fields. Typical customer solutions are parts suppliers who may want to forecast parts procurement or insurers who require information on the Car Parc by ABI / Insecom and location to determine risk.

Vehicle Rating

Cartell's vehicle rating solution was designed to assist the motor insurance industry specifically. It provides accurate insurance rating codes for vehicles at underwriting stage. Using this service will assist with and prevent insurance premium leakage, and will help to enhance the experience of insurance customers. Examples of Cartell Business Solutions mapping codes are ABI, Insecom, Jato, Glasses, Tecdoc K-Type and MVRIS.

Risk Engine

The Cartell risk engine is the market leading predictive framework. It was built for motor insurance companies and financiers to more accurately qualify risk at the underwriting stage. Our framework allows insurers to perform real-time risk identification based on vehicle intelligence and correlated data sets. Cartell will identify key vehicle risk indicators that could result in the sought after, higher claims ratios and frequencies. Rule examples: NCT, Imports, No. of Owners, Left-hand-drive, Vehicle Class, Write-offs, etc.

Write-Off Vehicle Management

Under the Road Traffic Act 2016 a vehicle insurer is requested under law to provide details on vehicles written off by insurer to the Department of Transport (DoT) within 5 working days of an inspection, where the vehicle is classified as a category A or B write-off. Cartell Business Solutions, on behalf of the insurance companies will acquire, cleanse, validate and deliver write-off data to the DoT in the required data format, within 24 hours of receipt.

Car Trace

Car Trace, built for financiers, assists by populating asset data fields via registration. It will also verify and cleanse all asset data on the your database. In addition, Car Trace will provide a full suite of alerts for the financiers protection. E.g. Change of ownership for HP & Lease vehicles, Unit Stocking becomes road registered, if an asset is written off by an insurer, if a HP or Lease vehicle is exported, if duplicate assets are registered, if your asset gets a new identity in the UK and more.

VIN Decoder

Cartell's VIN Decoder will examine and break-down the unique Vehicle Identifier Number, presenting all data in a clear and concise manner. Our API is available for implementation on your website and will be displayed using the interactive GUI. The Cartell VIN Decoder shows the complete vehicle data (as standard) and uniquely incorporates the first-time mapped data such as KTypes (TecDoc) and Engine Codes.

Service - Tell

Service-Tell provides accurate and detailed service codes which are used to price a service via registration number or VIN. Service-Tell was built by Cartell to provide an online service quotation program for manufacturers in Ireland and the UK. Originally created for BMW Ireland, but has been rolled out to numerous manufacturers including MINI, Lexus, Toyota and Kia.

DMS - Tell

DMS-Tell was designed by Cartell to cleanse Dealer Management Systems. It provides an accurate way to "De-Link" customers that should not be associated to particular vehicles. There is no other company in Ireland or the United Kingdom offering a comparable DMS clean up function. DMS-Tell is an excellent Sales and Marketing tool but can also be utilized to assist with Data Protection Compliance. It has been implemented with BMW, MINI, Mazda, Toyota and more, where it ensures only the correct data is held against a vehicle.

Bespoke Solutions

Cartell's vast and market leading vehicle and Car Parc data allow for the creation of bespoke reports to suit all requirements. Whether the requirement is for a one-off data sheet, or a regular report, contact Cartell Business Solutions to discuss creation.

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