What is C.A.V.E and how is it affecting the Automotive Industry?

CAVE Conference Image

CAVE:  Connected – Autonomous – Vehicles – Electric “Connected” – The ability through which a vehicle can share information with other vehicles and its environment. “Autonomous Vehicles” – Vehicles capable of deciding on and taking a course of action, such as steering or braking, without the need for human intervention. “Electric” – Vehicles propelled by […]

Some Cutting Edge Tech Expected Soon

Jaguar Landrover Showcase Technologies UK car publication Evo were recently invited to a technical showcase at Jaguar Land Rover Group (JLR) and they report on the event in their most recent edition (Evo 203). The technologies outlined are cutting edge technologies which are expected to appear shortly in models produced by JLR and offer a fascinating […]

Have the Irish embraced Telematic Technology?

Dennis Foy, who was one of the leading automotive technology experts, considered in 2003 the role which telematics can play in preventing clocking. As our readers know the “clocking” of a vehicle is when the mileage reading on the vehicle is altered, or manipulated, to display a lower reading than the actual miles travelled by […]