New Toll Scheme; EVs & Plug-ins to Benefit

New Toll Scheme for EVs and PHEVs

Ireland’s new toll scheme is now up and running, and it’s great news for owners of Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. Overview: The Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI) Scheme commenced on July 1st 2018 and is expected to run until December 31st 2022. This allows EV and PHEV owners to now avail of toll discounts […]

Saudi women to get behind the wheel!

Saudi Woman Driving

It’s official, Saudi women are now allowed behind the wheel after the decades long ban has been lifted. Last September it was announced the ban would be lifted, and the first licences were issued to women this month. More than 120,000 women applied for a driver’s license Sunday, according to senior Ministry of Interior and […]

Tyre fitters and retailers subject to inspection by the SEAI

Up to 120 Irish tyre fitters and retailers will be subject to inspection by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) this summer. With the goal being, to make sure they are all complying with EU tyre labelling regulations. Introduced in 2009, labels give consumers important information on their tyre selection, including fuel consumption and […]

Last Year of the Preteens – Cartell’s 12th Birthday

It’s time for cake! This week we are celebrating Cartell’s 12th Birthday. It’s hard to believe two years have already passed since the big 10th celebration, time flies when you’re having fun as they say. We’re delighted to be continuously helping people with one of the bigger and more difficult decisions they have to make, […]

Manus Kelly and Donall Barrett win the International Rally of the Lakes 2018

What a May bank holiday that was, is it any wonder why it’s our favourite weekend of the year. At the end of a duel that lasted the entire weekend, Donegal pair Manus Kelly and Donall Barrett in their Subaru Impreza WRC took home their third International rally win when they added the International […]

Lexus launch their Service service, powered by!

Lexus have just released their new Car Service website, which is powered by ourselves at The website will allow Lexus owners to enter the registration of their current vehicle, then works instantaneously (in the background) to find the vehicle information for Lexus, who provide a listing of Service packages available. The user […]

PRESS RELEASE – Rally of The Lakes

Killarney and District Motor Club held the official launch to the International Rally of the Lakes 2018 on Sunday 15th at Brehon Hotel Killarney. There were some beautiful rally cars on display and a large crowd in attendance. Officials, Organisers, Sponsors, distinguished guest speakers such as TD Brothers Michael & Danny Healy Rae, Councillor […]

Electronomous 2018 Speaker: Sharon Masterson from ITF at OECD

Ahead of her presentation at Electronomous 2018 we managed to grab some time with Sharon Masterson from ITF at OECD. In a nutshell, what are you going to be talking about at Electronomous 2018? I look forward to introducing participants to some exciting work that the ITF has done, on shared mobility solutions for instance. […]

Electronomous 2018 Speaker: Armin Fendrich, Ridecell

In advance of Electronomous 2018 we caught up with Armin Fendrich of Ridecell for a short chat on his upcoming talk at THE CAR TECH SUMMIT/ In a nutshell, what are you going to be talking about at Electronomous 2018? Our presentation will discuss the future or transportation. New mobility services such as ridesharing and carsharing are poised to be the […]

Electronomous 2018 Speaker: Clare Jones, What 3 Words

In advance of Electronomous 2018 we caught up with Clare Jones CCO at What 3 Words for a short chat on her upcoming talk at THE CAR TECH SUMMIT/ Q. In a nutshell, what are you going to be talking about at Electronomous 2018? A. I’ll be sharing the story of what3words. I’ll share our […]

Electronomous 2018 Speaker: Simon Morley, Bosch

We caught up with Electronomous 2018 Speaker- Simon Morley from Bosch for a quick Q&A about his upcoming talk! Q. In a nutshell, what are you going to be talking about at Electronomous 2018? A. I will start by talking a bit about Bosch’s  early involvement in automated driving and its new focus on mobility of […]

Auto, Tech worlds gear-up for Electronomous 2018

Dublin, March 1, 2018 – An international line-up of experts from the automotive and technology industries will gather in Killarney, Ireland, this May for Electronomous, the annual forum for topics including electric vehicles, connected car technology, autonomous vehicles, cyber security and more. The conference, organised by vehicle history and data expert, will discuss how […]

Vehicles more Fuel Efficient yet Ireland faces Carbon Penalty

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert reports today (March 14th) that fuel efficiency for vehicles in Ireland has increased significantly yet Ireland still faces stiff EU penalties for increased carbon emissions. examined fuel efficiency figures for all new vehicles sold in Ireland between 1998 and 2017. Over that time efficiency has increased […]

Geneva Motor Show 2018 – Take 10!

Vehicle history expert is at the Geneva Motor Show again – our seventh time making the trip. Here are our 10 best bits from this year: 1. Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Let’s start with something top-end. This Lamborghini has a 5.2-litre V10 naturally-aspirated engine and accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 3.1 seconds while 0-200 kmph in […]

Ireland bracing for influx of UK business imports

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert has today (21st February) expressed its concern that a UK interpretation of its consumer protection laws could see the number of company imports coming into Ireland shoot up. One million UK car buyers unknowingly bought an ex-rental or company car in the UK in the past 12 […]

What is it about Tuesdays?… The most popular day to buy a used car in Ireland

In February 2014 Vehicle History Expert reported the most popular day to buy or sell a motor vehicle in 2013 was a Tuesday. Read that article here. Fast-forward 4 years and Cartell data continues to show the most popular day to buy a used car in Ireland remains as Tuesday.     Looking further into this, […]

Native Irish Fleet Lowest Since 2006 – As Imports Soar

Vehicle history and data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (January 31st) that the size of the native Irish fleet is now at its lowest level since March 2006 (1.78 million) as imports soar (488k). The size of the native fleet (vehicles first registered in Ireland) fell quite dramatically in the final quarter of 2017: recording 1.85 […]

China plug-in and electric vehicle sales in 2017

Vehicle history expert is publishing a blog that appeared on car communications site China sold 777k new-energy vehicles – plug-in and electric vehicle – in 2017, a whopping 53% increase over 2016, according to Green Car Reports. The massive growth in plug-in and electric vehicle sales can be attributed to government subsidies that support domestically […]

Finance Levels Rise Again – now 14.3%

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (2nd January) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale (across all years) with finance outstanding is 14.3% – up from 12.5% in July 2017 and 11.5% in January 2017. From a sample of over 5,906 vehicles offered for sale and checked via the website in 2017 it was […]

Giving Our Customers Good Advice!

Vehicle history expert is writing about our customer experience with our service in a series of blogs. Recently we helped Niamh* who was interested in buying a vehicle which was a previous import. She spoke to our team about the best option for her and we explained a three star check will include the […]

Age of Fleet Falls as Imports at all-time high

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (November 29th) that the age of the fleet in Ireland is falling while the size of the imported fleet reaches an all-time high. first tracked the average age of all native private vehicles in Ireland (excluding imports) for each month between 1999 and 2017. […]

Donal O’Brien RIP

It’s with great sadness that we mark the loss of one of our faithful and energetic trade customers Donal O’Brien. His daughter Nicole sent us a beautiful tribute which we are posting here in his honour. Donal was always brought up around cars as his father John ran a car business on Friars walk in […]

Upgrading to a Three Star Check!

Vehicle history checking expert is looking at how we help our customers. Recently we helped Frank* with history for an imported vehicle. A Three Star History and Finance check with will provide the UK history and finance data for the vehicle as well as the Irish history and finance. Frank originally did a […]

How We Help our Customers!

Vehicle History expert, in the first of a series of blogs, is looking at personal interest stories from customers who have used the service. One customer, Deirdre* called about the mileage discrepancy showing on her history check. Our dedicated Customer Service team, advised her the car appeared to have lost approximately 30 thousand […]

Updated- “Clocking” Surges in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE -11% of domestic vehicles recorded mileage discrepancies (clocked or suspicious) – 18.43% of imported vehicles recorded mileage discrepancies (clocked or suspicious) 1 in 10 second hand cars for sale in Ireland has a false mileage displayed according to the largest study of its kind ever conducted. The figure is even worse for cars […]

UK to become leader in connected and autonomous technology

Vehicle History and Data expert is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site The UK Government has launched a new initiative for the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV), according to Autovista Group. The project, called Meridian, is jointly founded by the government’s £100 million CAV investment programme and by industry, and will create […]

Intel to build fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles

Vehicle History and Data expert is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site recently announced the launch of  “Electronomous”. Electronomous addresses the Connected Car, Autonomous vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Car models and the technology that will populate the future automotive landscape.Following its takeover of Mobileye, Intel is planning to build […]

New technologies could save petrol and diesel

Vehicle history and data expert CARTELL.IE  is looking at the blog posted over on about the switch to low emission vehicles. already started our move to zero emissions when we purchased our first Nissan Leaf last year. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly switching to low to zero emission alternatives, after Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal and […]

475,000 Irish Diesel Owners could get Trade-In Bonus

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert reports today (16th August) on the numbers of Diesel Euro 4 (EU4) emission standard vehicles and below in the Irish fleet that could be entitled to a trade-in bonus. With reports in the media that some vehicle manufacturers are set to introduce diesel scrappage schemes to incentivise […] adds Spanish Data to its VRM options

Vehicle History and Data expert is delighted to announce that Spanish data has now been added to our VRM options.  The Spanish option is added to our growing stable which already includes VRM for ROI, UK/NI, Portugal, Holland and Malta. Jeff Aherne, Director, says: We’re delighted to make this service option available. In an ever-growing international supply […]

Finance Levels Way Up as PCPs expire and hit the market

Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (24th July) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale (across all years) with finance outstanding is 12.5% – up from 11.5% in January and 9.5% in June 2016. also reports that more vehicles for certain key registration years are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than […]

Consumer Advice to avoid purchasing a Stolen Vehicle

Car finance check

 Consumers are probably already aware of the extensive work vehicle history check expert has put into highlighting the issue of stolen motor vehicle data. At present in Ireland Gardai do not release this data owing to Data Protection concerns. We have called for its release – in the public interest – for several years […]

Public and Trade warned of new Write-Off system in UK

PRESS RELEASE IMPORTING A USED CAR? Vehicle History experts report today (Wednesday 21st June) the Association of British Insurers (ABI) in the UK are no longer using Category C and Category D vehicle write-off classification in their new Voluntary Code of Practice (COP) for the industry. Following a long review the new system will […]

Sam Moffett wins the International Rally of the Lakes 2017

Congratulations to Sam Moffett in his Fiesta R5 and his co-driver Karl Atkinson for taking victory in Killarney at the International Rally of the Lakes 2017. There was drama in the end when long-time leaders, Roy White and co-driver James O’Brien, hit a chicane bale and bowed out after limping to a stage finish. […]

Launch of the International Rally of the Lakes 2017

Vehicle history expert was delighted with the warm reception we received in Killarney at the Launch of the International Rally of the Lakes 2017. This international competition will take place during the May bank holiday weekend – Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April – and is a counting round for both the Irish […]

Press Release: The Car Tech Summit

PRESS RELEASE  April 27th – The INEC Killarney, Co. Kerry. Rep of Ireland Hosted by The Original TOP GEAR Presenter Quentin Willson Vehicle history and data expert announces today April 4th 2017 the launch of an exciting new and innovative event called “Electronomous”. Aiming to become the Leading Car Technology Event in Europe over […]

Gender Divides Auto-pilot Drivers

Vehicle History and data expert reports on a new study released which concludes that men and women drift into different worlds when switched to ‘autopilot’ and hope for different benefits from future automotive advances. Women drivers are nearly twice as likely as their male counterparts to compile a mental shopping or ‘to do’ list […] at the Geneva Motor Show 2017

Vehicle history and data expert is at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. This is the premiere show on the automotive calendar and it’s the sixth time we’ve covered it. It’s been a real feast for the car lover this year with some 147 world premieres including the spectacular from Ferrari, Pagani and McLaren. As […] Signs New Three-year Rally Sponsorship Deal!

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert CARTELL.IE announced today (2nd March) that it is to continue as title sponsor of the International Rally of the Lakes in Killarney for the next three years. The vehicle history expert has been the title sponsor of the event since 2010 and it will continue that agreement for […]

Used Car Market Breaks One Million in 2016

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert reports today (8th February) that used transactions for private cars were in excess of 1 million transactions in 2016 – the highest level since started recording results. considered all transactions for private cars (including imports) in the market in 2016 including private to private sales, […]

Swarm is a buzz word in autonomous vehicles

According to Audi, the car of the future will use swarm data. This data will help to communicate constantly with other cars, road signs and traffic control systems, as well as smart connected devices around them – smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi networks. These cars will be location-aware, able to communicate to gather information about […]