Car Ownership In Ireland: Private Fleet Size Hits Record High

Car Ownership In Ireland - Size of Irish Fleet Reaches Record High

Along with our partners at CarsIreland.ie our latest data research can reveal the extent to which car ownership has grown in Ireland in recent times. Between May 2021 and May 2022 the private fleet increased from 2,434,503 to 2,459,172 (+24,669). In August 2021 the private fleet hit an all-time high of 2,486,302. Graph 1: Size […]

Most Popular Cars In Ireland in 2022

Most Popular Cars in Ireland in 2022

Vehicle digital platform CarsIreland.ie and Cartell.ie can reveal the results of a joint analysis on the used car market to determine the most popular cars in Ireland in 2022. For this study Cartell.ie looked at the most popular private models so far in 2022 by total numbers of used-car transactions, for both indigenous and imported […]

Best value EVs for range

You asked and thanks to some great research from our friends at CarsIreland.ie we have the answers to your ever-increasing queries about the best value EVs for range available to Irish motorists. All the data tells us sales of EVs are increasing and this trend is only going in one direction. Therefore it’s an exciting […]

Average Value of New Car in Ireland Now Over €35,000

Vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie and car sales platform CarsIreland.ie latest data research can reveal the average value of a new car purchased in Ireland. Cartell.ie looked at the average Open Market Selling Price of all new cars purchased between January and October in every year between 2003 and 2021. The results showed that […]

What Colour Car is Most Likely to be Written-off?

Following extensive research based on a sample of 5,430 write-offs taken from MIAFTR Ireland (Irish Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register), Cartell.ie can reveal that the colours purple (0.0132 per 1000) and green (0.0130 per 1000) are the two colours most likely to be written-off in the Irish fleet. A write-off occurs when a vehicle […]


Car registration data reveals aging fleet

Latest data from vehicle history and data expert Cartell and vehicle sales platform CarsIreland.ie report that the age of the fleet is increasing as date of car registration data reveals owners are holding onto their vehicles longer during the pandemic. The overall picture shows the age of the private fleet, both native and imported, has […]


Vehicle History and data expert Cartell.ie and car sales platform CarsIreland.ie announced on June 23rd the results of an analysis on Electric Vehicle (EV) sales in the Irish market in the year-to-date. Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering high-quality electric vehicles is reflected in the sales results in Ireland in 2021 but there are many other insights […]

Almost One Million Vehicles go End-of-Life since Inception

end of life vehicles

Vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie and Car Sales Platform CarsIreland.ie reported on Wednesday 12th May, 2021 on the success of the original Waste Management (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2006 (SI 282 of 2006) which were replaced in 2014 by the European Union (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (S.I. No. 281/2014). Since the inception of the End-of-life […]

CarsIreland.ie and Ulster Bank’s Lombard launch 2021 Car Dealership Awards

CarsIreland car dealership awards 2021

Our friends at CarsIreland.ie announced on March 10 that they have once again teamed up with Ulster Bank’s Lombard for their 2021 CarsIreland.ie Dealer Awards. The awards, in their seventh year, strive to recognise the online marketing efforts of car dealerships across the country. There are three award categories – Best Presented Cars, Best Online […]

Vehicle Recall Information in Ireland


Vehicle recalls in Ireland are a relatively common occurrence and motorists would do well to pay attention to recall information as research from the US shows that as much as 40% of motorists do not take action on recalls, which could affect the safety or roadworthiness of the affected vehicle. And while recalls can often […]

Irish Used Car Market: What you are searching for and what you are buying

irish used cars market

Vehicle digital platform CarsIreland.ie and Cartell.ie announced on March 3rd the results of our first joint analysis on the used car market in Ireland. For this study CarsIreland.ie looked at the most-popular-searched-cars across its site in February 2021. Those results were then compared with data from Cartell.ie which showed the most popular private models so […]

EU Proposes Speed Limiters for all new Vehicles

Speed Limiter on new cars

After EU agreement, it is proposed that all new cars will be fitted with a speed limiter from 2022. ISA, also known as Intelligent Speed Assistance is one of the many safety measures to become mandatory in European vehicles after the European Commission gave their approval. How the speed limiter works? The speed limiter device […]

Used Car or New Car Costs Calculator!

We already published some information on the type of factors which should go into your decision to purchase either a used car, or a new car. We wrote about the various elements: tax, fuel economy, depreciation value, which go into the decision. We want to take that one step further and show you the importance […]

Insurance Write-Off Categories: Category C Write-Off Explained

There is still some confusion out there about the various insurance write-off categories and here at Cartell we often get queries about Cartell car history check reports such as “what does a category C insurance write-off mean?”. So here follows a brief description of what each of the insurance write-off categories signify for your vehicle. […]

Residual Value – Do cars appreciate?

Do Cars Appreciate In Value? The simple answer is Yes – there are some select cars that appreciate in value once they reach a certain stage in their lifetime, however, why is this and what cars increase in value as time goes on? Obviously, some vehicles will never lose value as they are limited one-off […]