Vehicles more Fuel Efficient yet Ireland faces Carbon Penalty

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie reports today (March 14th) that fuel efficiency for vehicles in Ireland has increased significantly yet Ireland still faces stiff EU penalties for increased carbon emissions. Cartell.ie examined fuel efficiency figures for all new vehicles sold in Ireland between 1998 and 2017. Over that time efficiency has increased […]

Real-world fuel economy figures now 31% off – report

Cartell looked at the issue of unrealistic fuel economy figures earlier in the year when RTÉ reported on findings by UK Car magazine What Car? That publication reported that after testing almost 400 cars in real-world conditions, using cutting-edge test equipment, it achieved economy figures that were on average 19% lower than the government figures in […]

Is it time to consider Petrol engines again?

Used Car History Check expert Cartell has advocated buying diesels for some time: principally because of overall affordability including taxation (based on lower emissions), higher fuel economy, and lower price of diesel at the pumps. Residual values are currently higher for diesels although these values are market-dependent: if the public move back to petrols then […]

Lower VRT on ECO friendly cars

CompleteCar.ie’s Paddy Comyn and Shane O’ Donoghue are calling for the addition of an Eco VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) rate of 10% and the removal of road tax on newer, lower-emission vehicles for a period of two years. They claim the existing VRT and motor tax band system fails to offer an incentive to buyers […]