Residual Value – Do cars appreciate?

Do Cars Appreciate In Value? The simple answer is Yes – there are some select cars that appreciate in value once they reach a certain stage in their lifetime, however, why is this and what cars increase in value as time goes on? Obviously, some vehicles will never lose value as they are limited one-off […]

Completecar.ie Announcement

Used Car History Check expert Cartell.ie is delighted to announce a new partnership with car advice experts Completecar.ie. Fronted by Ireland’s leading motoring journalists Shane O Donoghue and Paddy Comyn, Completecar has already established itself as one of the foremost Irish sources for consumer buying advice – offering practical and readily accessible information in a […]

Is Car Platooning the next big thing?

  The newspaper The Economist in their most recent Technology Quarterly considers whether a technology that lets drivers remain in their cars, but asks them to relinquish control on long journeys, have any chance of success. The article cites automobile “platoons” as a possible solution to congestion and would afford reduced fuel consumption. The idea, […]