Consumer Shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrids

PRESS RELEASE The International Car Tech and Mobility Summit organisers Electronomous and Mobility X report today (April 23) on a sharp consumer shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) and a healthy growth in the numbers of hybrid vehicles: EV numbers are up 6 times on last year and the hybrid market has advanced 20 per cent. […]

Intel to build fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles

Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site Carandus.com. Cartell.ie recently announced the launch of  “Electronomous”. Electronomous addresses the Connected Car, Autonomous vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Car models and the technology that will populate the future automotive landscape.Following its takeover of Mobileye, Intel is planning to build […]

Electric Vehicles still stall

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie has written many times about electric vehicles (EVs) including about the relatively low take-up on EV ownership in Ireland. While things have improved this year- 677 all-electric vehicles were purchased representing a significant increase over last years figure of 270 – we’re still no where near the levels of exponential growth […]

Electric Vehicles – Some Lessons from Norway

In Ireland at the moment there are 9,880 electric vehicles in the Irish fleet including electric hybrids. The most common model is the Toyota Prius which employs an electric element to the drive process which works harmoniously with a petrol engine. Still, the Prius, at least in its original form, is not considered a full electric […]