CO2 Emissions Drop Significantly

Vehicle history and data expert report today (2nd December) on an encouraging and timely fall in CO2 emissions. In 2020, Cartell looked at the state of CO2 emissions in the private transport sector for the first 10 months of the year and compared the results to the first ten months of the year for […]

CO2 Emissions – the trend is unfortunately upwards

PRESS RELEASE  Vehicle history and data expert report today (10th April) on a concerning increase in CO2 emissions. In 2018, Cartell looked at the state of CO2 emissions in the private transport sector. It had been then reported that Ireland faced a significant fine in 2020 for a “serious rise in Irish greenhouse gas emissions” […]

Vehicles more Fuel Efficient yet Ireland faces Carbon Penalty

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history and data expert reports today (March 14th) that fuel efficiency for vehicles in Ireland has increased significantly yet Ireland still faces stiff EU penalties for increased carbon emissions. examined fuel efficiency figures for all new vehicles sold in Ireland between 1998 and 2017. Over that time efficiency has increased […]

Cartell’s Motor Taxation Proposals: A follow-up

A quick discussion on some feedback from last week Cartell welcomes Government review of Motor Taxation Band B Motor Tax Hit Hard – as we predicted In a recent blog Used Car History Check expert Cartell proposed an alternative method of generating motor taxation. We were delighted with the coverage our proposal got, both in […]

Motor Tax Increases: Cartell Proposes Solution

Government Motor Tax Coffers Plummit Cartell offers alternative motor taxation calculator Like everyone else who drives a car in Ireland we were all disappointed in the Cartell office to learn the news that the Minister for Finance is set to increase motor tax in the upcoming budget. We are told he will increase motor tax […]