Record Number of Clocked UK Cars – Another Reason to get a Cartell Check

Clocked UK Cars cost motorists £800 million per year! The UK is now experiencing record numbers of clocked cars on their roads, according to data published by the LGA (Local Government Association). The LGA, who represents local authorities across Britain, have disclosed that more than two million vehicles contain fraudulently adjusted odometer/speedometer readings. Amazingly, clocking […]

“Car-Pass” a Success in Belgium – Cartell.ie proposed something similar

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking at the issue of “clocking” of a motor vehicle. The Car Remarketing Association of Europe (CARA) identified fraud as one of its key priorities during its 2016 general assembly. Members heard that the Car-Pass system used in Belgium has led to a drastic reduction in fraud in the past decade […]

UK Government launch Consultation on “Clocking”

Clocked UK Cars Blog

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is reporting on news from the UK that the Department for Transport (UK) has launched a consultation into toughening up legislation on ‘clocking’ . In the UK knowingly selling a clocked vehicle without disclosing the fact is a criminal offence. Simon Blackburn, chairman of the UK Local Government Association (LGA) Safer […]