Tyre fitters and retailers subject to inspection by the SEAI

Up to 120 Irish tyre fitters and retailers will be subject to inspection by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) this summer. With the goal being, to make sure they are all complying with EU tyre labelling regulations. Introduced in 2009, labels give consumers important information on their tyre selection, including fuel consumption and […]

Lorry Driver conviction re-opens debate about mobile phones in vehicles

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is looking at the issue of mobile phone use in vehicles. Readers will be aware that Irish law prohibits their use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion – the provision specifically refers to the act of holding a phone while driving in a public place (Road Traffic Act […]

European Day Without a Road Death

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie pledges to support the upcoming project EDWARD a project organised by TISPOL – the Traffic Police network in Europe. TISPOL’s target is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on Wednesday 21st September. An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority are proudly supporting the project. 26,300 people […]

Complacency across Europe leading to Road Fatalities

It appears Ireland was not the only country last year to experience an unfortunate up-shift in numbers of recorded fatalities on our roads. The Irish Independent reports that early indications show there were also increases in numbers killed in Germany, France and the UK -the EU’s three most populous countries. The Road Safety Authority of […]

Avoid Distraction at the Wheel…say Liberty Insurance

Speeding, eating in the car, texting at the wheel… we can all spot other people’s bad driving behaviour a mile away. But what about turning the mirror on ourselves? Research by Liberty Insurance, in conjunction with Millward Brown, found that while people were quick to point out bad behaviour by others, most failed to recognise their […]

Cartell and Fitness to Drive

Cartell attended the annual road safety lecture earlier today and contributed some road safety points in the discussion forum which followed the main lectures. This years topic, which has received considerable media attention all day, concerned Medical Fitness To Drive. This was the third Annual Academic Road Safety Lecture, marking the first day of ‘Irish […]

Intelligent Speed Adaptation: The Future of Road Safety?

The Irish Sun today reports on the technology of intelligent speed adaptation where Cartell.ie is quoted as saying “the path has been cleared for Black Box Recorders in vehicles which will operate similar to aircraft”. The technology is called External Vehicle Speed Control (EVSC) and Cartell.ie first considered it back in 2005. At that time […]

Driving under influence of Cold or Flu “as dangerous as alcohol”

Safety impaired by driving under influence – of a cold Motorists afflicted by a heavy cold or flu suffer a major loss of concentration when behind the wheel, putting themselves and other road users at risk, new research by UK-based Insurance company Young Marmalade shows. While many of us may have some notion that we are […]

New campaign to improve safety on Irish motorways

The Road Safety Authority, Gardai, National Roads Authority and AA Ireland (Cartell.ie Partner) have joined forces for a new campaign aimed at motorway safety. Ireland has 1,187km of motorway and since 2005 there have been 100 fatalities or serious injuries on those routes.  Eight people died last year and this year there have been six […]