Waiting for First Registration in Ireland

Continuing our series of blogs on how we help our customers we recently helped Tom* when he was looking to do a vehicle history check on an imported vehicle. Tom had heard our story in the media that an imported vehicle may come with a hidden history and he was anxious to do a vehicle history check before he proceeded to buy the car. When he went on our website he was concerned that the vehicle registration number he entered did not show a match yet. He got onto our Customer Service team via live chat and asked them why this would be the case and whether he should be concerned. Our team talked him through the process and advised him that once the VRT process is completed the vehicle will be assigned a vehicle registration number in Ireland. The best history check to do is the three star check as it covers the UK data as well as the Irish data for both history and finance. Tom was delighted with the information and left the following comment:

Amazing customer service, very helpful lady [our customer service agent] who guided me with all necessary steps.”

Choosing a new vehicle can be difficult

*not his real name