Updated- “Clocking” Surges in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE -11% of domestic vehicles recorded mileage discrepancies (clocked or suspicious) – 18.43% of imported vehicles recorded mileage discrepancies (clocked or suspicious) 1 in 10 second hand cars for sale in Ireland has a false mileage displayed according to the largest study of its kind ever conducted. The figure is even worse for cars […]

“Car-Pass” a Success in Belgium – Cartell.ie proposed something similar

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking at the issue of “clocking” of a motor vehicle. The Car Remarketing Association of Europe (CARA) identified fraud as one of its key priorities during its 2016 general assembly. Members heard that the Car-Pass system used in Belgium has led to a drastic reduction in fraud in the past decade […]

Clocking on the Rise -in the UK

Clocked UK Cars Blog

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie report on the issue of “clocking”. Readers will know this is the practice where the odometer on a motor vehicle is adjusted to misrepresent the true amount of miles actually travelled by the vehicle. Clocking is now a criminal offence in the Republic of Ireland pursuant to section 14 of the […]

Clocking Still a Concern

PRESS RELEASE UK Buyers Now Most at Risk Vehicle History Expert CARTELL.IE report today (November 25) that “clocking” is still prevalent in the market – particularly for potential buyers of UK vehicles. Cartell.ie examined a random sample of 4,479 vehicle history checks carried out on the site by potential buyers in September and October. The […]

Clocking makes a comeback! – In the UK!

Media outlets in the UK are reporting on recent comments by motor trade commentator Glass’s that car clocking is on the rise in the UK -and this time it’s the owners that are doing it! In a blog post by Rupert Pontin, head of Valuations for Glass’s (and a follow-up to their Car Market Trend […]

Cartell.ie Director Jeff Aherne features live on TV3

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie featured on Ireland AM this morning when Cartell Director Jeff Aherne spoke to Mark Cagney about car clocking and write offs and informed viewers about the latest developments – and Cartell’s work in helping bring about those changes. Jeff spoke about the dangers of vehicle clocking, the regulatory issues, including […]

“Clocking” set to be criminalised on Wednesday

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie today (January 13) welcomes the news that the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is set to move amendments to the Road Traffic (No. 2) Bill 2013 on Wednesday which will introduce the offence of “interference with the odometer of a motor vehicle” into Irish law. That legislation […]

Car dealer sentenced to three years after selling 74 clocked cars

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie reports on the continuing gulf between Ireland and our counterparts in the UK over our attitudes to vehicle clocking. This week a car dealer in the UK has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for clocking a large number of vehicles. In Ireland the clocking of a vehicle is not […]

Clocking Falls Slightly – NMR at 10 Million

PRESS RELEASE Clocking rate still above 10% National Mileage Register (NMR) hits 10 million Vehicle history check expert Cartell.ie reports today (30 October 2013) that the rate of clocking in Ireland is still above 10% although it has reduced marginally this year. The rate is now 10.5% down from a rate of 11% in January. […]

Cartell on RTÉ DriveTime

Cartell statistics quoted on RTÉ Drivetime Earlier this week Used Car History Check experts Cartell issued a blog about the issue of clocking, its impact across Europe, and our work to assist alleviate the issue in Ireland. Our report, from January 2013, stated that the rate of clocking of a motor vehicle in Ireland has climbed […]

Surge in Vehicle Clocking

PRESS RELEASE SURGE IN VEHICLE CLOCKING DUBLIN AND CORK WORST HIT Used Car History Check expert Cartell today, August 28, releases information on the number of clocked vehicles per county across the country. (See chart below). Clocking of motor vehicles (the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually travelled) has […]

National Mileage Register hits 6 million readings

The National Mileage Register (NMR), in association with Used Car History Check experts Cartell, has hit 6 million unique mileage readings. These readings are obtained from a variety of sources, both trade and private, and their availability to every user of Cartell’s service gives everyone extra peace of mind when considering the purchase of their next […]

New research says ‘clocking’ of imports significant

Clocking of imports significant as Cartell.ie praised for efforts The results of research released by Used Car History Check experts Cartell partners AA Ireland says that clocking of imports is a significant problem. AA Ireland say from a survey of 5,430 cars imported from the UK this year 11% of the cars have had their mileages doctored […]

Cartell features on Cork’s 96FM

Jeff Aherne, Director of Cartell.ie, featured on Cork’s 96FM today in connection with vehicle clocking. Jeff was asked to give listeners an insight into the difficulties associated with clocked vehicles. He was asked to respond to news published that a court settlement has been ordered for €1,500 after a Cork-based car buyer bought a vehicle […]

Guaranteed Future Values leading to Car Clocking

CAR CLOCKING appears to be on the rise again according to Motor Trade Insider. In an article published online the group say the practice is widespread – and not just from spurious car dealers. The article says that while Guaranteed Future Values are linked, to a certain extent, to the mileage the buyer states they […]

Used Car Advice Trading in a Lanos Update!

Regular readers of our blog will remember Clare who asked us for some help choosing a car after she realised her Daewoo Lanos did not fit the bill after the birth of her first child. We recommended a few different options for Clare, including a Ford Mondeo and a Mercedes Benz A Class – so […]

Car Clocking is major issue for used-car buyers – especially imports

Earlier this year Used Car History Check experts Cartell released information on the estimated number of clocked vehicles per county across the country, which was extensively recirculated in the national and local media. We highlighted, in that report, a couple of things: clocking is a nationwide problem in Ireland for purchasers of used cars; and […]

Over 88,000 vehicles ‘clocked’ in Dublin and Cork

PRESS RELEASE Over 88,000 vehicles ‘clocked’ in Dublin and Cork Used Car History Check expert Cartell today releases information on the estimated number of clocked vehicles per county across the country. (See chart below). Clocking of motor vehicle’s (the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually travelled) has now become […]

The “Clocking” Case this Week in the Courts

Earlier this week Cartell featured in the national media when we published – among other things – a list of car manufacturers and models which were most frequently clocked in 2010. Clocking of a vehicle also featured in evidence in a criminal prosecution successfully brought in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on Wednesday. However – […]

Have the Irish embraced Telematic Technology?

Dennis Foy, who was one of the leading automotive technology experts, considered in 2003 the role which telematics can play in preventing clocking. As our readers know the “clocking” of a vehicle is when the mileage reading on the vehicle is altered, or manipulated, to display a lower reading than the actual miles travelled by […]

Cartell Calls For Systemic Changes To Help Eradicate Illegal Clocking

Jeff Aherne, Director and co-founder of the online car history checking company Cartell.ie has called for systemic changes to eradicate illegal clocking. The issue will once again be raised by RTE’s Buyer Beware programme, due to air tonight Wednesday 18th November 2009. The programme uncovers a whole raft of irregularities within the system which Aherne […]