Upgrading to a Three Star Check!

Vehicle history checking expert Cartell.ie is looking at how we help our customers. Recently we helped Frank* with history for an imported vehicle. A Three Star History and Finance check with Cartell.ie will provide the UK history and finance data for the vehicle as well as the Irish history and finance. Frank originally did a Two Star check – Irish history only – and then he got in touch via our new Live Chat function and asked if we could discuss his report with him. Our Customer Service team were happy to phone him back to discuss.

We help consumers every day to decide which vehicle to purchase

Frank saw from his report that the vehicle he was checking was exported from the UK and then imported into Ireland. Our trained team was able to talk him through the issues here and suggested he should upgrade to a Three Star report for €15 to see the UK history and finance data for the vehicle. Frank was very glad he got both Irish and UK history checks on the vehicle as there were multiple import and export markers for the vehicle and doing the UK check gave him a clearer picture of its history. Frank was a first-time user of the service, and, despite being a bit reluctant at first he saw the benefit of getting a complete picture before making his decision whether to buy the vehicle or not.

By upgrading to the Three Star Check Frank was able to check the current mileage for the vehicle against the National Mileage Register in the UK. He was also able to see if the vehicle was written-off or had finance outstanding or any other markers indicating a hidden history.

Frank said:

[Cartell staff member] was very helpful to make me understand the check as there were multiple import and export flags. She advised me to upgrade to the UK report to understand more and I did. €15 well spent I guess even if I was a bit reluctant at the time.”

*Not his real name