Official Launch of International Rally of the Lakes

On Sunday 18 April 2010, was invited to the official launch of the 2010 International Rally of the Lakes hosted by Killarney District Motor Club. The launch was held in The Brehon Hotel in Killarney, Co Kerry. There was a magnificent turnout and some of the rally cars on display included the Ahern’s Subaru […]

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Finance Write-Off and Clocking, Motormouth Legal Advice

If you have bought a vehicle with outstanding finance, the likelihood is that you will be notified by the bank or institution with the financial interest, that they are seeking the return of the vehicle or remuneration of the amount owed. Once the collections department of the finance house has confiscated the vehicle, it becomes […]

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Daragh O Tuama test drives the Citroen C3

The C3 also has what’s called the visiodrive. What’s that? I hear you ask, well what it is is a panoramic view, and to a point I actually like it. It’s essentially a whole load of glass, which goes from the bottom of the front window to about half way up the roof. It really […]

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Male and Female Drivers – Who’s Worse?

There is an eternal debate it seems as to who is better at driving, men or women? To answer this burning question, it is necessary to investigate some of the research in existence. Men and Women think the same Ottawa University researchers and psychologists studied nearly 400 male and female drivers ranging from the youngest […]

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Cartell ask’s, “Where does our motor tax go?”

The Government collects revenue from drivers in multiple ways. VRT, Motor Tax, Insurance Levy, Fuel Excise (VAT), Tolls and Parking. Not surprisingly, and especially given the increased damage our roads suffered during the earlier part of 2010, most people want to know if the motor revenue collected is actually spent on improving their areas roads […]

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Since its inception in 2002, one of Cartells primary goals was to eradicate the resale of dangerous vehicles.  While some write-offs are repairable, one must always ensure that they are repaired by qualified personnel  with suitable parts. An insurer writes off a vehicle when the cost to repair the vehicle to the correct standard using genuine […]

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Male drivers are rated above average but so are women

A study of four hundred drivers from Ottawa University showed that virtually all rated themselves as above average. Drivers had to rate their ability against an average motorist of the same sex in multiple driving scenarios and situations like rain for example. Middle aged men class themselves as most superior to all other male drivers. […]

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Traction Control Systems and Winter Driving

Well for those of you who don’t know I’m a VW Golf Nut although I’m partial to high end luxury cars but just haven’t gotten around to buying one. Well that’s my excuse anyway. Being an engineer however brings out the techno junky and the usual name calling associated with boring bar stewarts. So picture […]

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Bosch Start Stop Technology

Bosch is one of the largest automotive system suppliers in the world. They supply electrical, braking, injection systems and START-STOP technology. Bosch maintains that up to 50% of new cars by 2012 will have the technology fitted. It works by cutting the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt and starts again when the […]

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MAM VRM data now extended to Republic of Ireland

MAM Software today announced that its VRM lookup solution now supports Republic of Ireland vehicle registrations, providing quick and easy vehicle identification from directly within Autocat+ A feature of MAM’s comprehensive Autocat+ electronic catalogue, VRM helps identify and provide detailed specifications (make, model, cc, etc) associated with a particular vehicle. By providing accurate, comprehensive data, […]

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