Irish want properly enforced jaywalking laws

Pedestrian cross and vehicle

Do us Irish pay any attention to jaywalking laws? Is it even acknowledged as an illegal activity? As drivers we’ve all experienced pedestrians crossing the road in front of us and in urban areas pedestrians appear to be particularly adept at crossing in front of two contra-flowing steams of traffic without getting hit – timing […]

Drivers won’t claim after crash – says AA

According to one of our partners, AA Ireland, 43% of drivers won’t claim following a crash. This follows a poll of over 7,500 by the vehicle experts. While there were a number of reasons for the large percentage, the prominent reasons included: a desire not to affect their no claims discount, fear that their premiums […]

Flirting and Lying: statistics from “vehicle clamping” front line

A study by AA Motor Insurance, which featured recently in Autobiz trade magazine, says some of the excuses used by motorists to get out of clamping include: crying  3.5% bleeding heart excuse  3.2% pleading bankruptcy 1.9% flirting 1.9% being abusive  6.6% pleading ignorance  10.40% “rushing to toilet” 0.90% lying and saying meter out of order […]

Cartell.ie Feature in today’s Sunday Independent

Cartell.ie Bill on Vehicle Clocking gets National Coverage Today’s Sunday Independent credits Used Car History Check experts Cartell.ie with prominent drive to criminalise vehicle clocking in Ireland In a piece written by journalist Shane O Donoghue Cartell is mentioned in connection with drafting a Bill which seeks to send out a clear message that vehicle […]

New research says ‘clocking’ of imports significant

Clocking of imports significant as Cartell.ie praised for efforts The results of research released by Used Car History Check experts Cartell partners AA Ireland says that clocking of imports is a significant problem. AA Ireland say from a survey of 5,430 cars imported from the UK this year 11% of the cars have had their mileages doctored […]

New campaign to improve safety on Irish motorways

The Road Safety Authority, Gardai, National Roads Authority and AA Ireland (Cartell.ie Partner) have joined forces for a new campaign aimed at motorway safety. Ireland has 1,187km of motorway and since 2005 there have been 100 fatalities or serious injuries on those routes.  Eight people died last year and this year there have been six […]

Fuel Prices hitting Irish Families

The Irish Independent today reports that families are now paying an extra €1,000 a year to run their cars as petrol prices spiral above the €1.50-a-litre mark at the pumps. The latest price increase has been triggered as a result of the Middle East conflict. However AA Ireland point to two noticeable price increases in […]