Rise in use of Car for short trips “Concerning” – says Minister

Spending on Road Infrastructure behind – as Motor Tax funds Irish Water Vehicle history check expert Cartell.ie reports on the article which appears in today’s Irish Independent which says commuters are rejecting public transport in favour of the car as the economic recovery takes hold and people return to work. 32 billion kilometres has been […]

€1 billion – Government take from motor tax

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie report on news from Completecar.ie that the Government makes over €1 billion annually from motor tax. The figure was revealed by Environment Minister, Alan Kelly, in response to a parliamentary question from independent TD Mattie McGrath. The peak was in the period July 2013 – June 2014 when motorists rushed to […]

Large-engine cars losing value – numbers reducing

PRESS RELEASE LARGE-ENGINE CARS LOSING VALUE NUMBERS DWINDLE Vehicle data experts Cartell report today (19th December) that large-engine vehicles (those in excess of 2,000cc) are in decline with their numbers dwindling.  There has been a 72% decrease in the number of 2 litre vehicles registered in 2012 versus 2007. Values have fallen such that the […]

Old Off-the-Road system ends

Car History Check expert Cartell.ie report there were significant last-minute queues outside motor-tax offices to comply with the new system of declaring vehicles “off the road” according to the Irish Independent this morning. The rush is expected to add an additional €2m to local authority coffers. A three-month transitional period for declaring vehicles off the […]

BUDGET 2013 – Significant Motor Tax increases

Motor Tax increases across the Board Budget 2013 saw Minister Noonan announce significant motor tax increases across the board for all vehicles – encompassing both the new and the old motor tax regimes. The changes had been flagged in the run up to the budget, and Cartell had made calculations on the extent of the […]

Speed Cameras to catch motor tax dodgers

The Irish Independent today reports that private speed cameras could be used to detect motor tax dodgers. This comes following reports the Government is desperately trying to recover €100m worth of car tax lost each year. The paper says: “Hundreds of thousands of motorists face the prospect of being captured speeding on camera — and […]

Motor Tax Increases: Cartell Proposes Solution

Government Motor Tax Coffers Plummit Cartell offers alternative motor taxation calculator Like everyone else who drives a car in Ireland we were all disappointed in the Cartell office to learn the news that the Minister for Finance is set to increase motor tax in the upcoming budget. We are told he will increase motor tax […]

Plans to confiscate “off-the-road” cars in Ireland

The Irish Independent reports that the Department of the Environment has drafted legislation to allow for the confiscation of vehicles which are fraudulently declared off-the-road. The paper reports that a considerable number of vehicle owners are falsely declaring their vehicle to be off the road – and signing declarations to that effect – while continuing […]

Gardai Seizing Large Number of Vehicles

The Irish Independent today reports that motorists are having their cars seized in unprecedented numbers because they are refusing to tax or insure them or apply for the NCT. 26,044 cars were seized by Gardai at the roadside last year which was more than twice the amount in previous years, according to Treacy Hogan. The […]

Report says 240,000 new and used cars untaxed

The Irish Independent today reports that as many as 120,000 motorists never pay any road tax according to figures obtained by that newspaper. Treacy Hogan, who wrote the article, also notes that 120,000 people are falsely declaring that their vehicle has been off the road for months – meaning road tax is not due on […]

Lower VRT on ECO friendly cars

CompleteCar.ie’s Paddy Comyn and Shane O’ Donoghue are calling for the addition of an Eco VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) rate of 10% and the removal of road tax on newer, lower-emission vehicles for a period of two years. They claim the existing VRT and motor tax band system fails to offer an incentive to buyers […]

Citroen C3 1.4 HDi test drive by Daragh O Tuama

Citroen C3 1.4 HDi Firstly, in comparison to the last C3 it’s a small bit longer, and just a little bit wider. What does that mean? Well, a little bit more leg room and a little more space and maybe even tighter handling. The C3 also has what’s called the visiodrive. What’s that? I hear […]

Honda Insight test drive by Daragh O Tuama

Honda Insight In theory the Honda Insight is a very good car which has tapped into essential technology. Their IMA technology (Integrated Motor Assist), which was first introduced with the Honda Civic Hybrid, is very forward thinking. What this is is an electric motor which which gives added power to the car when needed, thus […]

Alfa Romeo Mito test drive by Daragh O Tuama

Alfa Romeo Mito I’ve always been a fan of Top Gear, and as a fan of Top Gear I’ve always wanted to own an Alfa Romeo……I mean I know they haven’t exactly got a name as being the most reliable car in the world, I know they don’t deliver excellence in the handling department, but […]

Cartell ask’s, “Where does our motor tax go?”

The Government collects revenue from drivers in multiple ways. VRT, Motor Tax, Insurance Levy, Fuel Excise (VAT), Tolls and Parking. Not surprisingly, and especially given the increased damage our roads suffered during the earlier part of 2010, most people want to know if the motor revenue collected is actually spent on improving their areas roads […]