Used Car Advice! Trading in a Lanos…Conclusion!

Regular readers of our new feature series – Used Car Advice – will remember Clare. She was trading up from her 00 Daewoo Lanos following the birth of her first child and was looking for something a bit bigger and with easier access to the backseat. Cartell.ie gave a few options – including a Nissan Primera – and she gave them some consideration.

Then things took a turn! Clare liked the look of a 04 Citroen Xsara and we gave her a FREE Cartell History Check. That was a wise move! The vehicle had been previously written off! And it had a mileage discrepancy! And the vehicle had recently had its Vehicle Registration Certificate re-issued increasing the risk of fraud.

Then she put a deposit on an 06 Suzuki Liana but found out there was an issue with service history records! So she pulled out of that deal too!

Anyway, Clare has been in touch to say she decided to follow Cartell’s advice. Here’s what she says:

“Just to touchbase, we finally purchased a car yesterday… we purchased a 04 Nissan Primera 1.6 petrol, it had 97,000 miles on the clock which is a bit more than we would have liked but she was is good condition, had been serviced every 10,000 miles and we bought her from a second hand car dealership who both us and members of my family have bought from before … the car also came with a three month warranty on engine and gearbox, the car was advertised at €4,000 we paid €2,700 with the Lanos. Fingers crossed she lasts a few years.”

Well done for following our advice Clare! Not only did we predict the car you might buy – or one which seemed like it fitted the bill – but we also got the trade-in value of the Lanos correct!

Good luck and happy motoring!

Primera on the market - similar to the one Clare purchased - and which we mentioned in the first blog of this series

Warning: All used cars require careful consideration before purchase. Get a Cartell.ie check to find out the history of the vehicle. This blog is a general guide only and Cartell.ie is not recommending the purchase of any particular vehicle – just giving some general advice!

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