New Insurance Rules in UK – failure to insure off-the-road vehicle an offence

New vehicle insurance rules are set to be introduced in the UK. The rules make it an offence to fail to insure a vehicle which is off the road. The rules will be introduced following a joint collaboration between the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the UKs vehicle licensing authority (DVLA). The purpose of the […]

It’s our Birthday: Cartell is five years old!

When we set up Used Car History Check Cartell five years ago one of our primary goals was to make Irish roads safer by ensuring those in the market for a vehicle were aware of exactly what they were getting into! The purchase of a vehicle is one of the most important investments an individual makes […] International Rally on TV – watch it here!

You can watch event highlights from this months International Rally of the Lakes by clicking on the following link. The event  featured in the TV Show RPM Motorsport. A reminder to our readers that Daragh O’Riordan in his SI2B Subaru WRC, won the event following a thoroughly comprehensive performance all weekend. His car was […]

NCT was investigated but no problem identified

The Irish Times reports – in an article written by David Labanyi – that an investigation into alleged flaws in the equipment used for the National Car Test (NCT) carried out in February, prior to the Prime Time revelations last week, failed to identify any significant problems. The investigation was carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) […]

Vandalism of Vehicles: The Most Vandalised Cars

A UK website ( has published a list of the top ten most vandalised cars. While the results are specific to the UK market a great deal can still be learned from them. The research – conducted by UK insurer* – revealed that high-end brands were consistently targeted by vandals more than any other […]

Guaranteed Future Values leading to Car Clocking

CAR CLOCKING appears to be on the rise again according to Motor Trade Insider. In an article published online the group say the practice is widespread – and not just from spurious car dealers. The article says that while Guaranteed Future Values are linked, to a certain extent, to the mileage the buyer states they […]

Used Car Advice: “I’ve got about 7k for a new used car!”

Introducing the second feature in our new series: Used Car Advice. After our first customer, Clare, heeded our advice last week and purchased a 04 Nissan Primera we were contacted by Aoife who was likewise looking for a FREE Cartell History Check in return for some advice! Aoife, and husband Dermot, are living in Westmeath […]

Applus+ report NCT bribery claims to Gardai understands that Applus+, the company given responsibility to conduct the National Car Test (NCT) will launch an internal investigation following revelations last night on RTÉs Prime Time programme which claimed bribes had been accepted by NCT officials in return for allowing defective vehicles pass the test. This calls into question the integrity of the […]

Gardai Seizing Large Number of Vehicles

The Irish Independent today reports that motorists are having their cars seized in unprecedented numbers because they are refusing to tax or insure them or apply for the NCT. 26,044 cars were seized by Gardai at the roadside last year which was more than twice the amount in previous years, according to Treacy Hogan. The […]

“…the rally was exhilarating…I thoroughly appreciate winning!”

As part of the International Rally of the Lakes 2011 we were delighted to give away a fantastic weekend for an enthusiast of the Rally including: 3 nights accommodation at rally HQ, The Gleneagle Hotel 2 free tickets to see Jenny Greene play the ‘Electric Disco’ in the INEC on Saturday the 30th of April […]

Used Car Advice! Trading in a Lanos…Conclusion!

Regular readers of our new feature series – Used Car Advice – will remember Clare. She was trading up from her 00 Daewoo Lanos following the birth of her first child and was looking for something a bit bigger and with easier access to the backseat. gave a few options – including a Nissan […]

So is Scrappage really driving the Market?

In 2009 the Government of the day announced the introduction of a scheme – the scrappage scheme – which provided a significant financial incentive for owners of 10-year-old vehicles to buy a new car. Originally the scheme was worth €1,500 to a buyer of a new vehicle but that figure was reduced to €1,250 for […]

TRADE FOCUS: Paschal Kennedy Motors, Dun Laoghaire

The location of Paschal Kennedy Motors is steeped in history – it has a unique structure and architecture, including a horseshoe shaped entrance, dating from the time the building was used as a forge – up until the beginning of the twentieth century. The premises was first used as a garage in 1925 – named […]

Daragh O’Riordan wins the International Rally of the Lakes 2011!

Congratulations to Cork’s Daragh O’Riordan (SI2B Subaru WRC) for his comprehensive victory in the International Rally of the Lakes 2011! Co-driven by Derry’s Tony McDaid they finished three minutes and 50.4 seconds ahead of second-place Denis Cronin/Coleman (Hurley Subaru WRC), and third placed Eoin Doyle/Peter Brennan (Subaru WRC). The journalists favourite for the event, […]

First pictures of our Fantastic Rally Coursecar!

Our good friends and partners at BMW Automotive Ireland / Mini Ireland have kindly supplied with a fantastic race spec car for us to use during the 2011 International Rally of the Lakes. It will be used throughout the event as the main sponsor car and will be driven on all the stages […] International Rally of the Lakes 2011

PRESS RELEASE International Rally of the Lakes 2011 Killarney, INEC, April 29 – May 1, 2011 The May Bank Holiday weekend has long been associated with rallying – it’s the weekend of the Rally of the Lakes an international event of prestige which features – at Molls Gap – one of the most picturesque […]

Used Car Advice Trading in a Lanos Update!

Regular readers of our blog will remember Clare who asked us for some help choosing a car after she realised her Daewoo Lanos did not fit the bill after the birth of her first child. We recommended a few different options for Clare, including a Ford Mondeo and a Mercedes Benz A Class – so […]

Merchandise for International Rally!

Here’s a sneak preview of some 2011 International Rally of the Lakes Merchandise! We’re delighted to work with Autofashion Rally Merchandise to bring top quality gear for this years event. Due to high demand we recommend you get yours early to avoid disappointment! The people at Autofashion will sell all the gear featured above […]

Launching the 2011 International Rally of the Lakes!

2011 International Rally of the Lakes Launch Night Mayor of Killarney Donal Grady last night said the International rally “is now regarded as the event which kick starts the tourist season in Killarney each year.” Speaking at the launch of the 2011 Rally he assured the  large numbers in attendance that Killarney Town […]

Used Car Advice! Trade-In a Daewoo Lanos and purchase a…?

In a new regular feature asks buyers in the market for details on the type of used-car they’re looking to purchase – the factors that go into their decision – and then we research the market and make some suggestions for used cars (with a little help from our friends in the trade!) This […]

New campaign to improve safety on Irish motorways

The Road Safety Authority, Gardai, National Roads Authority and AA Ireland ( Partner) have joined forces for a new campaign aimed at motorway safety. Ireland has 1,187km of motorway and since 2005 there have been 100 fatalities or serious injuries on those routes.  Eight people died last year and this year there have been six […]

Latest edition of eDRIVE – our Partner eZine – now online!

You can now view the latest edition of our Partner Ezine eDrive! This month’s edition features news on the International Rally of the Lakes which will take place April 29 – May 1 in Killarney. Cartell’s Jeff Aherne tells the magazine how he watched the Rally in Killarney when he was a teenager and […]

Report says 240,000 new and used cars untaxed

The Irish Independent today reports that as many as 120,000 motorists never pay any road tax according to figures obtained by that newspaper. Treacy Hogan, who wrote the article, also notes that 120,000 people are falsely declaring that their vehicle has been off the road for months – meaning road tax is not due on […]

Car Clocking is major issue for used-car buyers – especially imports

Earlier this year Used Car History Check experts Cartell released information on the estimated number of clocked vehicles per county across the country, which was extensively recirculated in the national and local media. We highlighted, in that report, a couple of things: clocking is a nationwide problem in Ireland for purchasers of used cars; and […]

TRADE FOCUS: Sleator Kia, Mullingar

For this month’s Trade Focus stopped by for a chat with Sleator Kia just off the M4 in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. It’s been a good year for Sleator’s they were this year officially appointed Kia Dealer for Westmeath and Longford after a presence in the area selling cars for many years previously. Barry Martin […]

Used Car Review: Kia Cee’d Diesel

During a recent chat with Barry Martin at Sleator Kia, Mullingar, asked what car he would recommend for a customer with €20,000 to spend on a used car. Barry didn’t hesitate to recommend a 3-month-old (pre-registered demo) Kia Cee’d so hopped in the drivers seat to try it out. Normally retailing for €20,850 […]

How Tsunami will affect Japanese Car Industry

In the wake of the earthquake, Tsunami, power blackout, and subsequent nuclear fallout, there has been much coverage on the issue of how the Japanese car market will be affected by the turbulence. The short answer is that the industry will be affected significantly. Among other direct consequences Japanese car plants have had their power […]

Entry Forms Open for Cartell International Rally

As already announced Cartell are delighted to be associated – as title sponsor – with the International Rally of the Lakes 2011. Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Gleneagle Hotel who have been the main supporters of the Rally of the Lakes for many years are continuing as Associate Sponsors. The 32nd Rally of the Lakes […]

Fuel Prices hitting Irish Families

The Irish Independent today reports that families are now paying an extra €1,000 a year to run their cars as petrol prices spiral above the €1.50-a-litre mark at the pumps. The latest price increase has been triggered as a result of the Middle East conflict. However AA Ireland point to two noticeable price increases in […]

Cartell statistics on ‘clocking’ of motor vehicles

Over 88,000 vehicles ‘clocked’ in Dublin and Cork Last week Used Car History Check expert Cartell published statistics on the prevalence of vehicle ‘clocking’ in Ireland (the practice of altering a vehicle’s odometer) with a county-by-county breakdown. We’re delighted that the story has received considerable attention in local and national media outlets. The Sun Newspaper, for […] announces 3-year Rally of the Lakes sponsorship deal!

Used Car History Check expert is delighted to announce a three year sponsorship deal with the organisers of the Rally of the Lakes – one of the most prestigious rally’s on the Circuit of Ireland! Cartell are thrilled to be associated with the event as title sponsors of the rally. We are also delighted […]

Credit Unions to provide car loans through new DACU report on a new initiative called Direct Access to Credit Unions (DACU), a project set up by credit unions across Ireland to provide car loans to members and potential new members. The initiative, launched in January 2011, will see many credit unions around the country offer special car loan rates to their members. Commenting […]

Car Ownership Scam to avoid penalty points!

The Irish Times reports (February 2, 2011, print edition) on an ownership scam where vehicle ownership is transferred to unsuspecting persons in order to avoid fines and penalty points. In one case the paper reports that a Co. Wicklow-based child, aged 13, was listed as the owner of a vehicle which incurred a motoring fine. […]

Buy New or Second-hand?

January is traditionally the busiest month of the year for car sales – both new and second hand – and this year appears no different. With that in mind we wanted to give purchasers some advice which perhaps you´ll consider before buying. New Car or Second-hand? The second hand car market is particularly competitive in […]

Average Annual Mileage: Drop in figures for Diesels

First, Happy New Year to all our customers and readers. We hope – despite the difficult trading conditions – you have a prosperous 2011 and every success. Last year we considered the issue of average mileage in Ireland using figures from our sister-site the NMR and found that average mileage in Ireland was 10,827 miles […]

Latest edition of our Partner Publication: eDrive!

You can view and download the latest edition of our Partner Publication – eDrive. As well as featuring – concerning our latest well-publicised initiative to track up to 40,000 UK write-offs in Ireland – the magazine has many other interesting bits and pieces: including where it argues that Irish people should buy more ‘interesting […]

Google and “driverless car” technology.

A few weeks ago, Google announced it had put up more than 140,000 road miles on its driverless test cars including the Toyota Prius hybrid and Audi TT. The underlying technology consists of a combination of radar and laser technology, GPS and video cameras. And while Paris Hilton isn’t driving one of them yet it […]

Irish and UK insurers set to track 40,000 write-offs

PRESS RELEASE says initiative is the first-of-its-kind Up to 40,000 imported cars on Irish roads could be write offs according to a new report from car history analysis company ‘Cartell’.  Cartell has today launched a new initiative to help keep track of UK write-offs which are put back on the roads and exported to […]

The “Clocking” Case this Week in the Courts

Earlier this week Cartell featured in the national media when we published – among other things – a list of car manufacturers and models which were most frequently clocked in 2010. Clocking of a vehicle also featured in evidence in a criminal prosecution successfully brought in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on Wednesday. However – […]

One in three imported vehicles have serious issues

PRESS RELEASE An article in today’s Irish Sun (Wednesday 1 December) features statistics provided by Used Car History Check experts concerning vehicles imported from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The results – based on a sample of 5,430 vehicles – show 11.4% of imports have been clocked (i.e.had their odometer altered to incorrectly reflect […]

Car Cloning: UK issue new V5C Registration Document

The licensing authority for new vehicles in the United Kingdom – the DVLA – has recently  launched a new look V5C registration document, together with a ‘Buyer Beware‘ initiative. From the 15th August, 2010, the new documents – which are easier to understand than the older versions – will be issued for all newly registered […]

Average Mileage in Ireland

Average Mileage in Ireland: Some Statistics Courtesy of the NMR One query we get from time-to-time from consumers concerns the average mileage for a vehicle in Ireland. Understandably potential buyers want to know whether the mileage on the vehicle they are considering buying is more or less than the national average. So the question arises: […]

Stolen vehicles recovered by Gardai in Balbriggan

PRESS RELEASE Following the appearance of Cartell’s Jeff Aherne on RTÉ News on Saturday in connection with the seizure of stolen vehicles by Gardai in Balbriggan advise consumers to be aware of an increased risk of unsuspectingly purchasing a stolen vehicle. Jeff Aherne, Director with, says: “The unfortunate thing is that an unsuspecting […]

Motorsports Update: Keith Cronin wins British Rally Championship!

Keith Cronin (and co-driver Barry McNulty) were recently crowned Dulux Trade MSA British Rally Championship winners! The Subaru Pirelli TEG Sport Team pair received the accolades at the final round of the season: the Trackord International Rally Yorkshire and this is the second successive year the Irish driver has won! Making him the first Irish […]

Latest edition of eDrive now online!

The latest edition of our Partner’s eDRIVE magazine is available to view online. As well as featuring some latest info from – concerning our recent story about the NCTS collecting VRT – there are some other interesting pieces including: a preview of the first diesel electric hybrid to go on sale – the PSA […]