Speed Limits to be reviewed

Car trade magazine Autobiz reports on remarks made by Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar at a recent ‘sod turning’ where he said: “Recent road safety measures like speed cameras and new drink driving laws have gone a long way towards improving road safety. However, we need to ensure that the right speed limits are in […]

UK off-the-road regime may be introduced in Ireland

In a recent blog post Cartell.ie highlighted to Irish readers and motoring enthusiasts the significant development in England in June which introduced a new rule requiring off-the-road vehicles to be insured. Failure to do so now results in a criminal offence. As part of our research for that blog Cartell contacted various interest groups in […]

Car Ownership Scam to avoid penalty points!

The Irish Times reports (February 2, 2011, print edition) on an ownership scam where vehicle ownership is transferred to unsuspecting persons in order to avoid fines and penalty points. In one case the paper reports that a Co. Wicklow-based child, aged 13, was listed as the owner of a vehicle which incurred a motoring fine. […]

Lower VRT on ECO friendly cars

CompleteCar.ie’s Paddy Comyn and Shane O’ Donoghue are calling for the addition of an Eco VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) rate of 10% and the removal of road tax on newer, lower-emission vehicles for a period of two years. They claim the existing VRT and motor tax band system fails to offer an incentive to buyers […]