New Annual NCT for 10-year-old vehicles

The Irish Times reports that 10-year-old cars face an annual NCT from June.  A spokeswoman for Applus+, the company which carries out the test, is quoted by Pamela Duncan of The Irish Times as confirming that cars which are 10 years or older will have to be tested annually from June onwards. She added that backlogs for tests – like those at the beginning of last year – were not expected when the annual testing comes into effect. “This will only have an impact on us in 2012 as these cars were due to be tested that year,” she explained.

The paper also notes that while the NCT applied to cars which were more than 10 years old, classic cars registered before 1980 would not be affected by the NCT changes.

You can read more about the development and statistics on the NCT Pass rates in the article.