Used Car Advice: Something Reliable Please

Continuing our popular series – Used Car Advice – we’re going to address an issue we get from time-to-time: Hey Cartell, I am (hopefully!) going to pass my driving test next month!! Wondering what car you think would be good for a novice driver? My budget is €7,000 – maybe could stretch this to €7,500 – […]

Tips for Buying Used Car – From Zurich Insurance and Cartell.ie

Cartell.ie and Zurich Insurance give some useful advice to used vehicle purchasers: Used Car Popularity Car value depreciates so quickly that it can easily make economic sense for people to purchase cars that are second hand or used. According to statistics from AA Ireland, for every new car bought in Ireland almost 2.5 second-hand vehicles are also […]

Press Release: Petrol Cars in Position for Comeback

Petrol Cars in position for comeback Used Car History Check experts Cartell.ie report today (17 June 2013) that Irish new car buyers may, contrary to popular belief, be financially better off opting for a petrol-powered car in preference to a diesel one. The savings could be in the thousands depending on a number of factors. […]

Used Car Advice: A Classy Convertible please

Roofless – for the Irish weather! Returning to our popular series Used Car Advice we received an email from Joe who said this: Anyhow, not sure if ye can help me, but I’m scouting around for a new car … I want an automatic, less than 100,000 kms, convertable, 1.8 engine or less, four seater […]

Used Car Advice: “I’ve got about 7k for a new used car!”

Introducing the second feature in our new series: Used Car Advice. After our first customer, Clare, heeded our advice last week and purchased a 04 Nissan Primera we were contacted by Aoife who was likewise looking for a FREE Cartell History Check in return for some advice! Aoife, and husband Dermot, are living in Westmeath […]

Used Car Advice! Trading in a Lanos…Conclusion!

Regular readers of our new feature series – Used Car Advice – will remember Clare. She was trading up from her 00 Daewoo Lanos following the birth of her first child and was looking for something a bit bigger and with easier access to the backseat. Cartell.ie gave a few options – including a Nissan […]

TRADE FOCUS: Paschal Kennedy Motors, Dun Laoghaire

The location of Paschal Kennedy Motors is steeped in history – it has a unique structure and architecture, including a horseshoe shaped entrance, dating from the time the building was used as a forge – up until the beginning of the twentieth century. The premises was first used as a garage in 1925 – named […]

Used Car Advice Trading in a Lanos Update!

Regular readers of our blog will remember Clare who asked us for some help choosing a car after she realised her Daewoo Lanos did not fit the bill after the birth of her first child. We recommended a few different options for Clare, including a Ford Mondeo and a Mercedes Benz A Class – so […]