Irish and UK insurers set to track 40,000 write-offs


Cartell.ie says initiative is the first-of-its-kind

Up to 40,000 imported cars on Irish roads could be write offs according to a new report from car history analysis company ‘Cartell’.  Cartell has today launched a new initiative to help keep track of UK write-offs which are put back on the roads and exported to unsuspecting drivers in Ireland. Cartell’s new UK & Irish write-off database was unveiled today in Dublin.

Insurers in Ireland can also now access write-off data – according to the extent of the damage of write-off – using the United Kingdom Category A to D System.  This is the first cross-border data accessing initiative of its kind in Europe. The number of imported vehicles from the United Kingdom in the Irish fleet is approximately 400,000. The number of those imports which have previous write-off status is almost 10%.

A Category A, B or C write off, in the United Kingdom, will have that fact documented on the UK logbook or V5 but this data was unavailable to the Irish insurers until now.

The initiative – which started in conjunction with Irish insurers over two years ago  – run by private sector company Cartell.ie will allow Irish insurers to use the data at underwriting and at risk assessment stages.

Further the new initiative introduces the MIAFTR UK (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) code of practice for the disposal of motor vehicle salvage in the Republic of Ireland. For the first time this allows Irish insurers to both categorise their write-off data and to share that data with other insurers.

A proof of concept was carried out between Irish insurers – the lead insurer was AVIVACartell.ie, and MIAFTR UK which showed multiple accounts of fraud including where previously damaged UK vehicles were involved in staged accidents in the Republic of Ireland with identical damage resulting.

As part of this data-sharing, Irish insurers agreed to release write-off data to the public via an independent third party for the first time bringing it into line with its UK equivalent.

This new category system paves the way for legislation in Ireland to implement the Vehicle Identification Check (VIC).

Paul Gurhy general insurance and brand marketing director of Aviva Ireland says: “Aviva is a strong supporter of any initiative that improves road safety as just one way in which we look out for the needs of consumers and three key pillars of road safety are engineering, enforcement and education.  The initiative unveiled today by Cartell is a core building block of the education pillar of road safety and empowers consumers and insurers with absolutely vital information about the record of damage to vehicles and their road worthiness.”

Noel Brett, CEO, Road Safety Authority (Ireland) says: “I welcome this new Cartell initiative which will enable purchasers and vendors / importers to check a vehicles collision history. This is a natural progression from checks currently available to purchasers including finance outstanding on the vehicle, previous use as a taxi, mileage etc. I would strongly urge any intending purchaser of an imported car to have the vehicle checked by a competent mechanic and to have a vehicle history check completed.“

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