Budget no change may provide platform for recovery

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has not adjusted Motor Taxation for 2015. This will undoubtedly add to the current “feel good factor” which is beginning to take hold in the industry. There is a sense that Ireland’s car industry is over the worst of the crisis and the news today – that nothing has changed […]

Keep those January Motoring Expenses Down!

Apply for your NCT and Car Servicing Now to Avoid Costs in January With January fast approaching – traditionally one of the worst months in the year for expenses – Cartell offers some advice to consumers. January is a miserable month for most of us: Christmas is over, the turkey is eaten, the beer and […]

Plans to confiscate “off-the-road” cars in Ireland

The Irish Independent reports that the Department of the Environment has drafted legislation to allow for the confiscation of vehicles which are fraudulently declared off-the-road. The paper reports that a considerable number of vehicle owners are falsely declaring their vehicle to be off the road – and signing declarations to that effect – while continuing […]

Gardai Seizing Large Number of Vehicles

The Irish Independent today reports that motorists are having their cars seized in unprecedented numbers because they are refusing to tax or insure them or apply for the NCT. 26,044 cars were seized by Gardai at the roadside last year which was more than twice the amount in previous years, according to Treacy Hogan. The […]