Facing backwards in autonomous vehicles

Cars that drive themselves will fundamentally change how we design our vehicles. Currently we are used to seeing forward facing seats. Mirrors, pedals, and even steering wheels may no longer be necessary. Automakers will be free to pursue their creative ideas to design how the interior of a car may look. As the car is […]

Cartell Welcomes Regulation for Written-Off Vehicles

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE welcomes today (14th July) news that Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, yesterday brought new legislation to cabinet which will compel insurers to notify his Department of Category A and Category B write-offs. At present a voluntary system of notification is in place but for years Cartell.ie has called for […]

Sterling not a Major Factor for Imports

Brexit: For the day that’s in it we are re-publishing these study findings from last year Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports on the results of analysis matching the fluctuating value of GBP (“sterling”) and the numbers of vehicle imports into Ireland. Cartell tracked monthly vehicle imports for a 90-month-period from January 2008 to June 2015. […]

Donagh Kelly retains Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes title!

Vehicle history check expert Cartell.ie congratulate Donagh Kelly and co-driver Conor Foley who have retained their Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes title in Kerry. The pair emerged victorious 12 months ago with 50 seconds to spare and they repeated that feat with a fantastic performance around this year’s stages. Kelly, in his Ford Focus WRC, began Sunday […]

Child Safety of Paramount Importance

Vehicle History expert Cartell.ie are happy to promote the following infographic provided to us by WoodStock Motors concerning child-seat safety: this is a particularly important issue. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) say 3 in 4 child seats are incorrectly fitted in Ireland. They have a “Check it Fits” service to assist with this exact issue. […]

Official Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes Launch

Press Release Killarney and District Motor Club held the official launch to the Cartell.ie International Rally of the Lakes on Easter bank holiday Monday at Scotts Hotel Killarney. There were some beautiful rally cars on display and a large crowd in attendance. Officials, Organisers, Sponsors, distinguished guest speakers such as TD Brothers Michael & Danny Healy […]

New Vehicle Market up 22%

PRESS RELEASE Used Market up 3% Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie report today (27th January) the market for both new and used vehicles is up in 2016 – the increase is significant in the case of new vehicle sales. Total transactions for new vehicles stand at 33,448 in the year up to January 24. […]

New dawn for Motorhub team

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie shares the following news concerning vehicle and automotive market information provider motorhub.ie: Motorhub.ie today announces its new team line-up. Four motor journalists- Michael Sheridan, Brian Kellett, Bob Flavin and Daragh Ó Tuama- have decided to combine their many years of experience to take the Motorhub website, www.motorhub.ie, to a new level. […]

130,000 Private Cars Set To Leave Fleet in 2016

Opportunity for Strong New Car Sales Vehicle history and data experts Cartell.ie report today (6th January) that it expects 130,000 vehicles to leave the fleet in 2016, up 12% over last year, which presents an opportunity for the industry to sell more new vehicles. Cartell.ie looked at the natural rate of attrition of the fleet […]

Winter Driving – Get your car winter ready, Scandi-style!

We have a lot to thank Scandinavia for: Ikea, The Killing and of course, Sarah Lund’s fabulous jumpers. And although our winters are no match for theirs, Ireland’s motorists could take a few pointers from their meticulous winter driving prep – especially heading into what some experts say will be the coldest winter in 50 […]

Clocking Still a Concern

PRESS RELEASE UK Buyers Now Most at Risk Vehicle History Expert CARTELL.IE report today (November 25) that “clocking” is still prevalent in the market – particularly for potential buyers of UK vehicles. Cartell.ie examined a random sample of 4,479 vehicle history checks carried out on the site by potential buyers in September and October. The […]

CPG: Why are cars more expensive at a dealer?

Car Pricing Specialists Car Price Guide (CPG) are considering dealer pricing and asking the question why are cars more expensive there? It’s a question we all as industry professionals hear in our work with the public and put simply many car drivers and buyers just don’t understand the value that the dealer offers. We at […]

Beware the “Trending” Scams in Marketplace

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Check Expert CARTELL.IE today (20th October) issue consumer advice to avoid “trending” scams in the marketplace. Private transactions involving a motor vehicle can be difficult and the market environment can be treacherous for the buyer, and sometimes for the seller, of a vehicle. Here are some of the current scams in […]

Cartell team up with TecDoc for Auto Trade EXPO

CARTELL SHOWCASES AT AUTO TRADE EXPO  Vehicle History and Data Expert CARTELL.IE  announce today (16th September) it will join forces with long term business partner TecDoc – Europe’s leading parts data information provider – at the Auto Trade EXPO in Dublin in October (17th & 18th October) Cartell.ie will showcase at the EXPO its range […]

Luxury Motor Vehicle Exodus

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle data experts CARTELL.IE report today (August 18) that luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley, feature in the list of vehicles issued a refund under the “VRT Export Repayment Scheme”. So far in 2015 there have been 3,284 vehicles exported out of the State. Of those vehicles 556 (or 17%) […]

New Vehicle Sales set to Eclipse total for 2014

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (July 17) that new vehicle sales so far this year are set to eclipse last year’s total – with more than 5 months of the year remaining. There have been 118,083 New Vehicle Sales (all types) in the year to date. Last year’s total was 119,172. The […]

Car Finance Levels Rising Fast

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE reports today (25 June 2015) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale (across all years) with finance outstanding is 9.6%. The levels of finance in the market place are rising fast – the equivalent figure for December 2014 was 7% – marking a significant rise of almost 40%. […]

Stolen Vehicle Data Should be Released

Recently CompleteCar.ie called on the Irish Government to provide protection for the consumer when it comes to buying stolen cars. Currently, An Garda Siochana will not authorise release of stolen vehicle registrations to vehicle history companies, making it virtually impossible to tell if a second hand purchase has been stolen or recovered. Buying a stolen […]

New Vehicle Sales up 32% : Used Market up 11%

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE report today (April 17) that in Q1 2015 there have been 75,655 new vehicles sold. The number includes all new vehicles registered in the State in 2015 and includes private, hackney, taxi as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles and all other classes of vehicle. The figure represents […]

Car Finance Levels “Bottom Out”: Now Rising Fast

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Expert CARTELL.IE reports today (April 9) that car finance levels are rising rapidly. Cartell.ie looked at the overall percentage of vehicles offered for sale and checked via Cartell.ie between the period July 2008 to March 2015. The results show that while the overall-low-point was found recently in December 2014 – when […]

Age of Fleet Levels-Off as Car Industry in Recovery

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE report today (January 28th) that the age of the private fleet in Ireland has levelled off significantly for the first time in over 10 years. The age of the private fleet now stands at 8.83 years. Cartell.ie tracked the average age of a private vehicle in Ireland in January […]

22,181 vehicles in Ireland have 10 owners or more

PRESS RELEASE Average number of owners is 2.64 per vehicle Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie report today (1st January) there are 22,181 vehicles in Ireland that have 10 owners or more over the course of the lifetime of the vehicle. The highest number of owners recorded for a single vehicle is 34 owners. There are 177 […]

New Vehicle Sales nearly 120K for 2014

  PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie report today (December 17) that so far in 2014 there have been 118,696 vehicles sold. The number includes all new vehicles registered in the State in 2014 and includes private, hackney, taxi as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles and all other classes of vehicle. The figure […]

Don’t arrange to meet in secluded car parks or open spaces

Gardai have warned people who are buying or selling goods, or engaging in transactions with strangers, to meet them somewhere safe where others are nearby, and not to meet in secluded car parks or open spaces. The warning follows news that a man and his girlfriend were set upon and attacked by a gang of […]

Increase in Levels of Finance for Key Registration Years

PRESS RELEASE  New Players in Finance Market Continue to Make Big Impact Vehicle data expert Cartell.ie reports today (14 November 2014) that more vehicles for certain key registration years are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than last year. In the case of one-year-old vehicles – the levels of vehicles offered for sale with […]

Smart Irish Buyer Opting for Larger Engines

PRESS RELEASE SMART IRISH BUYER OPTING FOR LARGER ENGINES Research says larger engine more fuel-efficient Vehicle Car History Check expert Cartell.ie report today (22nd October) that the 1.6 litre engine is the most popular engine size in the Irish private fleet.* The 2.0 litre engine is the second most popular overall. The 1.6 litre engine […]

Budget no change may provide platform for recovery

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has not adjusted Motor Taxation for 2015. This will undoubtedly add to the current “feel good factor” which is beginning to take hold in the industry. There is a sense that Ireland’s car industry is over the worst of the crisis and the news today – that nothing has changed […]

Premium Car sales are up 21 per cent

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie reports today (September 22) that sales of premium cars in Ireland have increased significantly in the last 12 months. Premium Car sales are up 21 per cent year-on-year Sales of premium vehicles have increased by 21% on last year with total sales recorded of 11,977 against 9,897 for […]

Cartell welcomes news that NCT Certs will display mileages

PRESS RELEASE Cartell today welcomes news that the National Car Test (N.C.T.) certificate will display the three most current mileage readings as part of a range of new measures. Jeff Aherne, Director, Cartell.ie, says: We are delighted with the announcement by Applus+ that the most current NCT mileage readings are set to be included on […]

Fake Car Buyers Kidnap, Assault, Burgle

The Irish Independent today report on a worrying development for those in the market to sell their vehicle. Gardaí are investigating an incident in which two masked and armed men kidnapped a man (18), assaulted his family, and burgled his home.The 18 year-old had arranged to meet an individual at Newtownstalaban, Drogheda with a view […]

Used Vehicle Market Report 2014

PRESS RELEASE Cartell reports today (July 9) on the results of an extensive used vehicle market analysis. Cartell considered the Irish Car Parc as a whole as well as used vehicle sales for the first 4 months of the year i.e 1st January to 30th April 2014 (“T1 2014”) and used vehicle sales for 1st […]

No Evidence of Spike in “Clocking”

Cartell today (May 15, 2014) say there is no evidence of a spike in the rate of clocking since introduction of legislation which criminalised vehicle clocking earlier this year. Cartell Director Jeff Aherne says: We see no evidence of a spike in clocking since the introduction of the new legislation. Currently our own figures indicate […]

Cartell renews its Sponsorship of Rally of the Lakes

Cartell.ie, Ireland’s leading car history check company, has announced the renewal of its sponsorship of the International Rally of the Lakes in a deal that will run for the next three years. Cartell.ie is Ireland’s leading car history-check company and has been sponsoring the Rally of the Lakes since 2010. The new deal will ensure the […]

New car sales up 28 per cent is driving employment growth

Autotrade report on figures produced by SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) which show that so far this year, new car sales are up by 28 per cent. The confidence evident in January has continued into February with a 21 per cent increase in car sales. The light commercial vehicle market, which is a good sign of activity in the […]

Tuesday: Most Popular Day to Conclude Business in Automotive in 2013

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie report on the most popular day to buy or sell a motor vehicle in 2013. The most popular day of the year to do business in 2013 was the first Tuesday in October. Once again Tuesday was the day most business was done for the whole of 2013. Of the top-10 […]

Cartell.ie Director Jeff Aherne features live on TV3

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie featured on Ireland AM this morning when Cartell Director Jeff Aherne spoke to Mark Cagney about car clocking and write offs and informed viewers about the latest developments – and Cartell’s work in helping bring about those changes. Jeff spoke about the dangers of vehicle clocking, the regulatory issues, including […]

Cartell Welcomes Swift Action on Vehicle Write Offs

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie today (16 January) commends the Government for swift action on the issue of regulation of vehicle write offs. Earlier this month (January 6) Cartell issued a Press Release which estimated that at least 6 deaths occur per annum in vehicles which were previously written off. Following from the success […]

“Clocking” set to be criminalised on Wednesday

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie today (January 13) welcomes the news that the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is set to move amendments to the Road Traffic (No. 2) Bill 2013 on Wednesday which will introduce the offence of “interference with the odometer of a motor vehicle” into Irish law. That legislation […]

Cartell calls for Proper Regulation of Write Offs in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE PROPER REGULATION OF WRITE OFFS COULD REDUCE ROAD DEATHS Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie today (6 January 2014) calls on the Irish Government to introduce legislation for the proper regulation of vehicle write offs. At present there are approximately 36,000 vehicles written off in Ireland every year. About 12,000 of those are never returned […]

Large-engine cars losing value – numbers reducing

PRESS RELEASE LARGE-ENGINE CARS LOSING VALUE NUMBERS DWINDLE Vehicle data experts Cartell report today (19th December) that large-engine vehicles (those in excess of 2,000cc) are in decline with their numbers dwindling.  There has been a 72% decrease in the number of 2 litre vehicles registered in 2012 versus 2007. Values have fallen such that the […]

Citroen C4 Picasso is 2014 Irish Car of the Year

Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie reports on the winner of the 2014 Continental Irish Car of the Year. Completecar.ie report that the Irish Motoring Writers’ Association (IMWA) revealed today that the Citroen C4 Picasso is the 2014 Irish Car of the Year. The compact MPV narrowly beat the Volkswagen Golf to the top of the […]

Used Vehicle Transactions Up 35% in September

Trend is Upwards in Used Car Market Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie today (20 November 2013) reports on a spike in used vehicle transactions in September. The total number of used vehicle transactions, seen as a good indicator of overall activity in the market, shows that 93,550 vehicles changed hands – the highest monthly total since […]

Motor Insurance set to rise after premium increase

Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie reports on a news article which appears today in one national newspaper which says: Motorists will be forced to pay more for insurance after one of the leading players pushed through double-digit premium rises.  The fear is that others will follow the lead of RSA, which owns 123.ie. It has […]

Clocking Falls Slightly – NMR at 10 Million

PRESS RELEASE Clocking rate still above 10% National Mileage Register (NMR) hits 10 million Vehicle history check expert Cartell.ie reports today (30 October 2013) that the rate of clocking in Ireland is still above 10% although it has reduced marginally this year. The rate is now 10.5% down from a rate of 11% in January. […]