UK to become leader in connected and autonomous technology

Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site Carandus.com. The UK Government has launched a new initiative for the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV), according to Autovista Group. The project, called Meridian, is jointly founded by the government’s £100 million CAV investment programme and by industry, and will create […]

Swarm is a buzz word in autonomous vehicles

According to Audi, the car of the future will use swarm data. This data will help to communicate constantly with other cars, road signs and traffic control systems, as well as smart connected devices around them – smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi networks. These cars will be location-aware, able to communicate to gather information about […]

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication

US Government to legislate for Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Vehicle History expert Cartell.ie is following the news published on CarAndUs.com! The following is a blog reproduced from that site! Generally the US lags behind Europe in the implementation of vehicle safety features. It was only in 1984 that a law came in to force making the use […]

Facing backwards in autonomous vehicles

Cars that drive themselves will fundamentally change how we design our vehicles. Currently we are used to seeing forward facing seats. Mirrors, pedals, and even steering wheels may no longer be necessary. Automakers will be free to pursue their creative ideas to design how the interior of a car may look. As the car is […]