Intel to build fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles

Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site Carandus.com. Cartell.ie recently announced the launch of  “Electronomous”. Electronomous addresses the Connected Car, Autonomous vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Car models and the technology that will populate the future automotive landscape.Following its takeover of Mobileye, Intel is planning to build […]

Swarm is a buzz word in autonomous vehicles

According to Audi, the car of the future will use swarm data. This data will help to communicate constantly with other cars, road signs and traffic control systems, as well as smart connected devices around them – smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi networks. These cars will be location-aware, able to communicate to gather information about […]

Apple reportedly scaling back its drive for autonomous vehicle

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking again at the issue of autonomous vehicles. Readers will know Cartell.ie Director Jeff Aherne recently appeared on RTÉ Prime Time commenting on the market for self-driving cars and what we can expect in the future. One of the big players long-expected to enter the autonomous vehicle market is tech-giant […]

Facing backwards in autonomous vehicles

Cars that drive themselves will fundamentally change how we design our vehicles. Currently we are used to seeing forward facing seats. Mirrors, pedals, and even steering wheels may no longer be necessary. Automakers will be free to pursue their creative ideas to design how the interior of a car may look. As the car is […]