Tuesday: Most Popular Day to Conclude Business in Automotive in 2013

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie report on the most popular day to buy or sell a motor vehicle in 2013. The most popular day of the year to do business in 2013 was the first Tuesday in October. Once again Tuesday was the day most business was done for the whole of 2013. Of the top-10 best selling days, Tuesday filled 7 spaces out of 10. The final Monday in September was the second most popular day overall, but was the only Monday to feature in the list. The remaining two spaces were taken by the second Wednesday in October and the final Friday in September.

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The most popular week to sell a car in 2013 was the first week in October. Every day that week, from Monday to Friday, daily transactions in excess of 4,000 sales per day were recorded. The period from 24th September through to the 8th October recorded particularly high numbers of transactions.

The top 10 Best Selling Days in 2013 were as follows:

Rank Date Numbers Day
1 01/10/2013 7231 Tuesday
2 30/09/2013 5730 Monday
3 24/09/2013 5496 Tuesday
4 02/10/2013 5424 Wednesday
5 05/11/2013 5227 Tuesday
6 27/09/2013 5079 Friday
7 03/09/2013 5052 Tuesday
8 17/09/2013 4929 Tuesday
9 08/10/2013 4872 Tuesday
10 05/03/2013 4800 Tuesday

Jeff Aherne, Director Cartell.ie, says:

“Overall in 2013, Tuesday was once again the most popular day to sell a car in Ireland. This has been a recurring theme since Cartell started analysing these figures in 2011. The reason for the popularity of Tuesday is probably because people use Monday to catch up and plan their week and possibly to recover from the weekend. It may also be attributable to the requirement to visit the bank (perhaps on Monday) before completing the purchase (on Tuesday).

Several of the days which appear in the top 10 fall at the end of September or the start of October. Cartell was aware of a sales spike in September, this was information we had already disclosed to the market last year. The high number of sales during that period may have been attributed to the new Government rules on declaring vehicles off-the-road during which time queues outside tax offices were widely reported in the press.”


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