Cartell welcomes news that NCT Certs will display mileages


Cartell today welcomes news that the National Car Test (N.C.T.) certificate will display the three most current mileage readings as part of a range of new measures.

Jeff Aherne, Director, Cartell.ie, says:

We are delighted with the announcement by Applus+ that the most current NCT mileage readings are set to be included on the NCT Certificate. The consumer now has access to a valuable store of information which should further assist in curbing the criminal practice of vehicle clocking. However, caution should be exercised to ensure the NCT certificate is verified as authentic as forgeries have been seen in the market.”

Fake NCT Certs – Importance of Verification

Cartell is aware of a risk of forged NCT Certificates in the market. In 2013 up to 850 certificates were stolen and suspected of circulating. This can leave the unsuspecting buyer vulnerable. N.C.T. Certificate numbers can be verified on Cartell.ie as part of the service we provide to customers.

Cartell Clocking Campaign

Cartell.ie has long campaigned for greater consumer protection in the area of motor vehicle odometer readings. In 2010, Cartell presented to the Dáil draft legislation which sought to criminalise the practice of “clocking” an odometer of a motor vehicle. That legislation was initially rejected by the FF/PD/Green Government in June 2010. In December 2012 a modified version of it was moved as a Private Members Bill by Anthony Lawlor TD (Fine Gael) and the Government subsequently enacted Road Traffic Act 2014, s. 14,  which contains a provision on “clocking” of a motor vehicle.



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