National Mileage Register hits 6 million readings

The National Mileage Register (NMR), in association with Used Car History Check experts Cartell, has hit 6 million unique mileage readings. These readings are obtained from a variety of sources, both trade and private, and their availability to every user of Cartell’s service gives everyone extra peace of mind when considering the purchase of their next vehicle.

The NMR acquired 170,000 readings in January meaning it surpassed the 6 million mark. The Register is always looking at new ways to obtain additional sources of mileage. One of these is the National Car Test (NCT)  readings. Cartell has placed pressure on the Government to obtain these readings and will continue to do so. At the moment these readings are not available in bulk to anyone  – we feel this should change.

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  • Would the nct ppl tell me if my car had been clocked if they had higher miles in the past when it was tested before I owned it?

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