Clocking on the Rise -in the UK

Clocked UK Cars Blog

Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie report on the issue of “clocking”. Readers will know this is the practice where the odometer on a motor vehicle is adjusted to misrepresent the true amount of miles actually travelled by the vehicle. Clocking is now a criminal offence in the Republic of Ireland pursuant to section 14 of the […]

Tyre Blowouts Surge around Country

Vehicle History Check Expert Cartell.ie reports on the increase in tyre blow-outs nationwide, according to an article in the Irish Independent. It appears there are two leading factors for this concerning rise: 1/ the conditions of Irish roads are deteriorating, and 2/ vehicle owners are spending less on maintenance as the prevailing economic climate continues […]

It’s our Birthday: Cartell is five years old!

When we set up Used Car History Check Cartell five years ago one of our primary goals was to make Irish roads safer by ensuring those in the market for a vehicle were aware of exactly what they were getting into! The purchase of a vehicle is one of the most important investments an individual makes […]