Partner eDrive edition features some super content

The latest edition of our Partner Ezine eDrive

The edition is available now for viewing online (no download required). It announces the launch (Summer 2012) of the new Ford Kuga which is larger than the current version and will be larger than the Focus (currently the Kuga and Focus are built from the same platform). The new Kuga, which is popular in many European countries (though not so much in Ireland), is considered a more significant launch than the upcoming Mondeo launch principally because Ford anticipates selling more of these – although that remains to be seen.  For racing enthusiasts it features an article on the Peugeot 908 Le Mans which Cartell blogged about last year. This car is incredible powerful but also incredibly silent (relatively speaking) for a vehicle with over 700bhp. What is more interesting is the fact it runs on Diesel fuel. Check out the following video by one enthusiast (from 0.27). Le Mans vehicles are perhaps not as stylish as F1 cars, it’s a question of taste, but in terms of performance they are unbeatable over long distance. The Ezine also features a piece on the innovative new future technology by Citroen for vehicle fuel entitled EHDI. This technology is premised on the assumption that we will continue to use fossil-fuel-based vehicles for at least another 30 years, and therefore technology which reduces consumption will remain critical for that time frame. The technology uses a combination of diesel, battery and gearbox to achieve this. BMW and Rally School of Ireland (in Monaghan) also feature for their focus on the benefits of the Winter tyre. There’s a piece featuring Cartell too where we write about some coverage we received in the National Media for our work on seeking the criminalisation of vehicle clocking – something we feel very strongly about. All-in-all then the latest eDrive is a great read.