New research says ‘clocking’ of imports significant

Clocking of imports significant as praised for efforts

The results of research released by Used Car History Check experts Cartell partners AA Ireland says that clocking of imports is a significant problem. AA Ireland say from a survey of 5,430 cars imported from the UK this year 11% of the cars have had their mileages doctored – or ‘clocked’. The report also lists the vehicles most likely to be clocked saying these are:

Audi 14.30%
Honda 13.70%
Mercedes 13.10%
Toyota 12.70%
VW 11.70%
Ford 11.30%
BMW 10.10%

The AA Press Release calls for the creation of an offence of clocking of a motor vehicle saying:

“Most people are surprised to hear that clocking a car is not an offence in itself under Irish law. You may not mislead a customer about any aspect of a car, and you cannot sell a car that is unroadworthy but no law says that you cannot change the odometer dial. The AA wants to change this and introduce the offence.”

It also mentions a Bill drafted by which was presented to the Oireachtas Committee on Transport:

“In 2010 a Bill was submitted to the then government for inclusion into the 2010 Road Traffic Act to make clocking and interfering with an odometer a specific offence. While it was moved by Labour at the Transport Committee June 16, 2010, it was not passed. The AA would also call for the release of the NCT mileage records to further boost the NMR.”

Vehicle advice experts also cover the story and refer to our work on this issue:

“ has consistently highlighted potential issues with imported vehicles. It previously estimated that as many as 30% of imports have finance outstanding, were previously written off or have been clocked. On top of that, the importation process may mask the true number of owners a car has had. Overall the figures show that a person in the market to buy a car up to five years old has between a 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 chance of coming across a vehicle with a hidden history.”