Used Car History Check expert is delighted to announce a new partnership with car advice experts Fronted by Ireland’s leading motoring journalists Shane O Donoghue and Paddy Comyn, Completecar has already established itself as one of the foremost Irish sources for consumer buying advice – offering practical and readily accessible information in a unique and authoritative way. As a result of this partnership you will find unique Completecar information appearing regularly on the Cartell site as well as other exclusive features.

In an environment where money is understandably more valued consumers are anxious to make the right decision and to seek advice from a trusted source before making a car purchase. The new partnership between Cartell and Completecar is principally designed to assist the consumer, but also to provide informative information to the motoring enthusiast and those with a special interest in the automotive market and its development.

Our new partner,

Set up in 2010 is fronted by: Shane O Donoghue, Ph.D. in automotive engineering, who founded the Car Enthusiast Editorial Agency in 1999, writes regularly in the national media, and is a member of the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA) with a vote in the annual Irish Car of the Year awards; and Paddy Comyn, who has been writing about cars in Ireland for over 10 years, is a regular contributor to The Irish Times, and frequently appears on radio and television stations. Paddy is likewise a member of the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA) and has a vote in the annual Irish Car of the Year awards.

Cartell very much looks forward to this new venture.