Which Vehicle Manufacturers are making profit?

Vehicle History Expert Cartell.ie is looking at manufacturer profit. As we approach the end of Q3 we’re considering recently published results for Q2 2015 to give the run-down on which manufacturers are making money globally and which are still in the red as the world exits recession. Let’s start with the good news first. Ford […]

Mazda Ireland the latest to offer finance direct to consumers

During the week it was reported that Mazda Ireland are now offering finance packages direct to consumers. This means Mazda join other vehicle manufacturers – Renault, BMW and Volkswagen – in affording the consumer an alternative to the High Street banks. Our recent data shows this development is having an impact on the market too: […]

Car banks taking over from High Street?

Vehicle experts Completecar.ie rely on data provided by Used Car History Check experts Cartell to argue that manufacturer-own-banks are already impacting on the financial end of the car market in Ireland. In the wake of the fallout from Lehman Brothers and the consequent global turmoil as well as our own domestic banking problems – which are […]

Traction Control Systems and Winter Driving

Well for those of you who don’t know I’m a VW Golf Nut although I’m partial to high end luxury cars but just haven’t gotten around to buying one. Well that’s my excuse anyway. Being an engineer however brings out the techno junky and the usual name calling associated with boring bar stewarts. So picture […]

Bosch Start Stop Technology

Bosch is one of the largest automotive system suppliers in the world. They supply electrical, braking, injection systems and START-STOP technology. Bosch maintains that up to 50% of new cars by 2012 will have the technology fitted. It works by cutting the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt and starts again when the […]