Buying A Used Car During the Coronavirus Outbreak – 8 Things You Need to Know

You are probably in the midst of coronavirus information overload at the moment but here at Cartell while we can’t claim to be medical experts we do have advice on buying a used car during the outbreak. Here is some advice you may wish to consider when purchasing to help prevent infection and get a good deal:

1. Look for a bargain

We all want to strike a good deal when purchasing a car but in these uncertain times there may be more scope than ever to secure a discount or get some flexibility around payment.


2. Same Rules Apply

Don’t be afraid to visit the dealership as a lot of the interaction will be taking place outside and on a one to one basis. Just adopt the same precautions around social distancing and washing your hands and you should mitigate against any increased risk.


3. Check it Before You See it

Don’t waste a journey, do your research on the vehicle in advance of travelling anywhere (certianly public transport is a no-no currently). And that research should be as thorough as possible. A valid NCT is not enough. Get a three star Cartell car check to get as much peace of mind as possible so that you will be made aware if the car has been written off, has outstanding finance or has been clocked among other things.


4. The Areas That Need Attention

The experts say that viruses can hang around for hours and even days on plastic or stainless steel surfaces so if you are using any new vehicle be sure to wipe down widely used touch areas like the steering wheel, gear stick, seat belt buckles and other controls and touch screens.


5. A New Way of Selling

The car sale delivery model is changing. New companies like Carvana and Vroom are thriving in the US with their promise of delivering the used car to your door ready to drive. Carwow in the UK offer a similar service and it is incumbent upon dealers in Ireland to adapt to the new disruptors in the industry especially in the current climate. Dealers that enable paperwork to be signed electronically, deliver the vehicles to the buyers’ driveway, thoroughly clean the vehicle and even drop the keys through the letterbox with a little note saying they are taking every precaution will be best positioned to endure the current crisis. And what’s more, they should promote these new services extensively.


6. Get Some Space

When test-driving a car you should ask the person accompanying you to sit in the back seat after using disinfectant to wipe down the vehicle. And remember if any deal is concluded don’t shake their hands!


7. A Proper Wipedown

After purchasing a car you would be well-advised to a do a thorough cleaning of the interior of the vehicle (or what Americans call the cabin). Even something as simple as soap and water will do the trick although alcohol solutions (more than 70% alcohol) are preferable. If the car has a leather interior than make-up removal wipes are great for cleaning leather (or so my wife tells me, and no she is not made of leather!).


8. A Good Time to Buy?

The motor industry across Europe is in flux right now with most of the big manufacturers either closed for business (Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault) or temporarily suspending operations (Fiat, Peugeot, Citreon, Open). Therefore new vehicles will be harder to come by and dealers will want to make up for the shortfall by offering attractive deals on their used stock. With low interest rates and a very advantageous time for the buyer to go shopping there are some serious bargains to be had. Just make sure to take the precautions outlined in this article and do as much of the car buying process online as you possibly can.

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