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Clocking set to become illegal

Cartell Clocking Bill Passes Stage 1 In 2010 Used Car History Check expert Cartell, through its legal division, drafted a Bill which sought to criminalise vehicle clocking and accompanying measures. This was presented to the Houses of the Oireachtas and was considered by the Transport Committee at that time. However, for one reason or another, […]

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Q3 2012 Car Finance Statistics PRESS RELEASE

PRESS RELEASE MARKET STAGNANT BUT SIGNS OF RESURGENCE Used Car History Check expert reports today (31 Oct 2012) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale with finance outstanding remains stagnant at 11%. That figure has remained consistent for the last 12 months, leading the company to believe that finance levels have tapered off […]

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Motorbike sales collapse

PRESS RELEASE MOTORBIKE SALES COLLAPSE IN 2012 Used Car History Check expert today (16 October) releases information on the number of motorbikes in the Irish fleet. There are 51,174 motorbikes on the roads of Ireland today. The breakdown by registration year shows that motorbike popularity peaked during the boom years – 2002 was the […]

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Stolen Vehicle Data must be released

PRESS RELEASE STOLEN VEHICLE DATA MUST BE RELEASED IN PUBLIC INTEREST Used Car History Check expert Cartell has been calling for the release of stolen vehicle data held by An Garda Síochána since 2002. This is the ten year anniversary of calling for the release of stolen data. The Stolen Motor Vehicle Unit of An […]

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Surge in Vehicle Clocking

PRESS RELEASE SURGE IN VEHICLE CLOCKING DUBLIN AND CORK WORST HIT Used Car History Check expert Cartell today, August 28, releases information on the number of clocked vehicles per county across the country. (See chart below). Clocking of motor vehicles (the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually travelled) has […]

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Decrease in Levels of Vehicle Finance

PRESS RELEASE: from and DECREASE IN LEVELS OF VEHICLE FINANCE   Car Finance Levels Bottom Out   Used Car History Check expert reports today (23, May 2012) that less vehicles are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than at any time in the past six years. Based on extensive data checks carried […]

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PRESS RELEASE Rally of the Lakes 2012 Killarney, INEC, May 4th – May 6th 2012 The May Bank Holiday weekend has long been associated with rallying – it’s the weekend of the Rally of the Lakes an international event of prestige which features – at Molls Gap – one of the most picturesque stages […]

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PRESS RELEASE  Dot.Com Boom Bursts for Year 2000 Vehicles today reports that year 2000 cars are no longer the most prominent on Irish roads after twelve years at the top of league tables. Cars registered in that year – which recorded an unprecedented number of new car sales – were the most popular on […]

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News: Percentage of Imports in Irish Fleet by Year

Cartell stats say imports still prominent in Irish Fleet Trend continues in 2011 The Irish Sun today (Mark May) publishes an article relying on Used Car History Check expert Cartell’s statistics displaying the percentage of imports in the Irish Fleet (Private/Hackney/Taxi) since 2000. The figures show a significant increase in the prominence of imports in the […]

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€100 Million Worth of Vehicles Now Exported

Numbers of Vehicles Leaving Ireland is Growing In total 7,703 vehicles were exported out of Ireland this year to November with an estimated annualised value of €100 million. This represents an increase of 16% year-on-year, while exports have risen by 64% in the last five years. This trend is set to continue following Budget 2012 […]

Continue Reading Feature in today’s Sunday Independent Bill on Vehicle Clocking gets National Coverage Today’s Sunday Independent credits Used Car History Check experts with prominent drive to criminalise vehicle clocking in Ireland In a piece written by journalist Shane O Donoghue Cartell is mentioned in connection with drafting a Bill which seeks to send out a clear message that vehicle […]

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Car banks taking over from High Street?

Vehicle experts rely on data provided by Used Car History Check experts Cartell to argue that manufacturer-own-banks are already impacting on the financial end of the car market in Ireland. In the wake of the fallout from Lehman Brothers and the consequent global turmoil as well as our own domestic banking problems – which are […]

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Outstanding Finance still a serious problem

The Irish Times today use statistics provided by Cartell on levels of finance Statistics published today by Used Car History Check experts indicate that buyers have a 1 in 5 chance of purchasing a three year old or four year old vehicle with finance outstanding. From a sample of over 5906 vehicles offered for sale […]

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Green coloured vehicles are higher risk

The Irish Sun feature statistics provided by Cartell Today’s Irish Sun, in a feature written by journalist Mark May, features statistics provided by Used Car History Check experts Cartell which show that Green is the riskiest car colour in Ireland – by far. Following extensive research based on a sample of 5,430 write-offs taken from […]

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Used Car History Check expert is delighted to announce a new partnership with car advice experts Fronted by Ireland’s leading motoring journalists Shane O Donoghue and Paddy Comyn, Completecar has already established itself as one of the foremost Irish sources for consumer buying advice – offering practical and readily accessible information in a […]

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Cartell features on Cork’s 96FM

Jeff Aherne, Director of, featured on Cork’s 96FM today in connection with vehicle clocking. Jeff was asked to give listeners an insight into the difficulties associated with clocked vehicles. He was asked to respond to news published that a court settlement has been ordered for €1,500 after a Cork-based car buyer bought a vehicle […]

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Over 88,000 vehicles ‘clocked’ in Dublin and Cork

PRESS RELEASE Over 88,000 vehicles ‘clocked’ in Dublin and Cork Used Car History Check expert Cartell today releases information on the estimated number of clocked vehicles per county across the country. (See chart below). Clocking of motor vehicle’s (the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually travelled) has now become […]

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One in three imported vehicles have serious issues

PRESS RELEASE An article in today’s Irish Sun (Wednesday 1 December) features statistics provided by Used Car History Check experts concerning vehicles imported from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The results – based on a sample of 5,430 vehicles – show 11.4% of imports have been clocked (i.e.had their odometer altered to incorrectly reflect […]

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Stolen vehicles recovered by Gardai in Balbriggan

PRESS RELEASE Following the appearance of Cartell’s Jeff Aherne on RTÉ News on Saturday in connection with the seizure of stolen vehicles by Gardai in Balbriggan advise consumers to be aware of an increased risk of unsuspectingly purchasing a stolen vehicle. Jeff Aherne, Director with, says: “The unfortunate thing is that an unsuspecting […]

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Since its inception in 2002, one of Cartells primary goals was to eradicate the resale of dangerous vehicles.  While some write-offs are repairable, one must always ensure that they are repaired by qualified personnel  with suitable parts. An insurer writes off a vehicle when the cost to repair the vehicle to the correct standard using genuine […]

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BMW and announce new Car History Check partnership is delighted to announce a new partnership with BMW Ireland as a supplier of an independent car history check to customers purchasing either a used BMW or MINI from their authorised dealers. The move follows a lengthy appraisal by BMW of the car history checking market. Jeremy Raggett, BMW’s Used Car Manager, confirms. “ […]

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Irish roads awash with clocked UK imports claims, the online car history checking company, claims that Irish roads are awash with up to 50,000 clocked vehicles imported from the UK. Jeff Aherne, Director with comments, “We’ve been gathering data on UK imports since we set up business in 2006 and according to our most recent statistics at least 18.5% of vehicles […]

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Vehicle Registrations Down 64% reports

The first 5 days of trading in 2009 has seen vehicle registrations in the state fall when compared to the same period in 2008. There were only 9,390 vehicles registered in the first week of January 2009 compared to 26,029 for the same week in 2008 representing a massive 64% drop. The top seller so […]

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With approximately 8,000 vehicles stolen each year in Ireland and between 10-15% of them never being re-covered,, the independent car history checking company is urgently calling for a national Stolen Vehicle Register (SVR) to be set up. Jeff Aherne, Director of comments, “Our objective has always been, and remains, to keep Irish motorists […]

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Cartell®, the only independent car history checking company , today welcomed the Irish Insurance Federation’s (IIF) decision to share information on a car’s history with the government. It is believed that a report written by in November 2007 and forwarded to the Road Safety Authority, Garda Siochana and Revenue Commissions promoted a major review […]

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MAM VRM data now extended to Republic of Ireland

MAM Software today announced that its VRM lookup solution now supports Republic of Ireland vehicle registrations, providing quick and easy vehicle identification from directly within Autocat+ A feature of MAM’s comprehensive Autocat+ electronic catalogue, VRM helps identify and provide detailed specifications (make, model, cc, etc) associated with a particular vehicle. By providing accurate, comprehensive data, […]

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Cartell calls for change in law to clean up industry

Cartell®, the independent car history check, is calling for a change in the law that will protect consumers against what they describe as “potentially critical procedures” currently operating within the motor industry. According to Jeff Aherne, Spokesperson for Cartell, “We are a consumer driven service and provide the Irish car-buying public with a range of […]

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Audi imports to Ireland double

Ireland is witnessing phenomenal growth in the luxury car importation market, with Audi imports alone practically doubling in the last two years, according to new figures released today by – Ireland’s only used car history check. Cost saving and specification benefits can be found by purchasing in the UK, which explains why both private […]

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