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Tarmac Battle resumes in Killarney

With entries still open for the International Rally of the Lakes over the May Bank Holiday weekend, over 90 crews have entered and the stage is already set for battle royal in all classes and categories of the  35th Rally of the Lakes. Heading the international Entry list is last year’s winner, Gary Jennings […]

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Vehicle History Check expert featured on Ireland AM this morning when Cartell Director Jeff Aherne spoke to Mark Cagney about car clocking and write offs and informed viewers about the latest developments – and Cartell’s work in helping bring about those changes. Jeff spoke about the dangers of vehicle clocking, the regulatory issues, including […]

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Cartell calls for Proper Regulation of Write Offs in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE PROPER REGULATION OF WRITE OFFS COULD REDUCE ROAD DEATHS Vehicle History Expert today (6 January 2014) calls on the Irish Government to introduce legislation for the proper regulation of vehicle write offs. At present there are approximately 36,000 vehicles written off in Ireland every year. About 12,000 of those are never returned […]

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Press Release: Significant Increase in Levels of Vehicle Finance

PRESS RELEASE Significant Increase in Levels of Vehicle Finance: New Players in Finance Market Making Big Impact report today (12 September 2013) that significantly more vehicles for certain key registration years are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than last year. In the case of 2012 vehicles the levels of vehicles offered for […]

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Cartell on RTÉ DriveTime

Cartell statistics quoted on RTÉ Drivetime Earlier this week Used Car History Check experts Cartell issued a blog about the issue of clocking, its impact across Europe, and our work to assist alleviate the issue in Ireland. Our report, from January 2013, stated that the rate of clocking of a motor vehicle in Ireland has climbed […]

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Consumer not fully protected by Gardai

PRESS RELEASE CONSUMER NOT FULLY PROTECTED BY GARDAI Up to 2k stolen vehicles on the market in Ireland Used Car History Check expert Cartell today (July 16) is calling for the release of stolen motor vehicle data to the consumer. At present the Irish consumer has no simple way of knowing if a vehicle they […]

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Petrol positioned for a comeback – coverage Regular readers will be aware of the significant publicity generated by our earlier story this week. In conjunction with we conducted an analysis of the new car market and observed that petrol engines are positioned for a comeback. This is based on a combination of factors, including, […]

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European Championship Rallying returns to Killarney

FIA entrants will lead Rally of the Lakes Rally weekend is upon us! Crews registered for the FIA European Historic Rally Championship will lead the field away from the start of the International Rally of the Lakes on Saturday May 4th. The Rally of the Lakes is the fourth round of the European […]

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Age of 400,000 Commercial Fleet Soars

PRESS RELEASE Age of 400,000 Commercial Fleet Soars Used Car History Check expert reports today (April 23) that the average age of a commercial vehicle in Ireland stands at 9.28 years – 1 year more than the average age for a private vehicle in Ireland. The average age of a commercial vehicle has increased […]

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Carzone State-of-the-Market report

Used Car History Check expert is delighted to be associated with the Carzone bi-annual report summarising the Irish car market in 2012, in which 889,441 used cars changed hands. The report was launched today and includes significant streams of data provided by It has received extensive coverage in the media. According to the […]

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‘Clocking set to become illegal’ – Department of Transport

“Cartell Clocking Bill” influences Government Used Car History Check expert Cartell is delighted to welcome the news published in today’s Irish Independent that clocking is set to become illegal – at the behest of the Department of Transport. As readers will be aware Cartell’s legal division wrote a Bill which sought to make clocking illegal […]

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Press Release: Irish Choose Larger Engines

PRESS RELEASE IRISH CHOOSE LARGER ENGINES Diesel most popular choice Vehicle Car History Check expert report today (25 March 2013) that the 1.6 litre engine is now the most popular engine size in the Irish private fleet.* The 1.6 litre engine is now undeniably Ireland’s choice of engine size representing 28% of registrations in […]

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Today’s Irish Independent features Cartell

‘Clocking’ scams are on the rise Eddie Cunningham Motoring Editor, Irish Independent Cars driven 160,000km more than stated • Buyers risk accident, may lose thousands MORE cars than ever have had their mileage altered as cheats cash in on demand for secondhand vehicles, Independent Motors can reveal. The shady figures behind the practice are putting […]

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Luxury Motor Vehicle Exodus

PRESS RELEASE LUXURY MOTOR VEHICLE EXODUS Used Car History Check expert report today (22 February, 2013) that vehicle EXPORTS out of Ireland are now at their highest level since the recession commenced. Exports have increased by 61% in the last six years. Exports in 2012 were 6% higher than in 2011. There were 7,855 vehicles […]

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Tuesday – most popular day to buy

PRESS RELEASE TUESDAY MOST POPULAR DAY TO BUY A CAR Used Car History Check expert reports today (12 February 2013) that Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to buy or sell a used car. The result is based on analysis of daily transaction figures for used vehicles over the past 5 years. […]

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Cartell feature across the media

Used Car History Check expert Cartell featured in the media this week. On Sunday an article in the Irish Sun (3 February) featured statistics provided by concerning the age of the fleet in each of the respective counties in the Republic of Ireland. This was the first time that county-specific statistics were ever compiled […]

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Irish fleet is aging fast – now 8 ¼ years

PRESS RELEASE CARLOW, KERRY, MAYO RETAIN CARS LONGER Irish fleet is aging fast – now 8 ¼ years Used Car History Check expert reports today (4, Feb 2013) that vehicles in counties Leitrim, Longford, Carlow, Mayo and Kerry are, on average, over 9 years old and vehicle owners are holding their cars longer in […]

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Co2 Emissions by County

PRESS RELEASE AVERAGE CO2 EMISSIONS SKY HIGH IN CAPITAL CONNAUGHT THE CLEANEST PROVINCE Used Car History Check expert Cartell  releases details on the average CO2 emissions per county in Ireland. The results, based on all private used cars, show that Dublin vehicles are emitting considerably more CO2 on average than any other county in Ireland. […]

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Clocking Rate 11% in Republic of Ireland

PRESS RELEASE Cartell Clocking Bill in the Oireachtas Clocking Rate 11% in the Republic of Ireland Used Car History Check expert today (3rd January 2013) reports the clocking rate in the Republic of Ireland stands at 11% of the fleet in 2012. The figure is based on a sample size in excess of 50,000 […]

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Clocking set to become illegal

Cartell Clocking Bill Passes Stage 1 In 2010 Used Car History Check expert Cartell, through its legal division, drafted a Bill which sought to criminalise vehicle clocking and accompanying measures. This was presented to the Houses of the Oireachtas and was considered by the Transport Committee at that time. However, for one reason or another, […]

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Q3 2012 Car Finance Statistics PRESS RELEASE

PRESS RELEASE MARKET STAGNANT BUT SIGNS OF RESURGENCE Used Car History Check expert reports today (31 Oct 2012) that the proportion of vehicles offered for sale with finance outstanding remains stagnant at 11%. That figure has remained consistent for the last 12 months, leading the company to believe that finance levels have tapered off […]

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Motorbike sales collapse

PRESS RELEASE MOTORBIKE SALES COLLAPSE IN 2012 Used Car History Check expert today (16 October) releases information on the number of motorbikes in the Irish fleet. There are 51,174 motorbikes on the roads of Ireland today. The breakdown by registration year shows that motorbike popularity peaked during the boom years – 2002 was the […]

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Stolen Vehicle Data must be released

PRESS RELEASE STOLEN VEHICLE DATA MUST BE RELEASED IN PUBLIC INTEREST Used Car History Check expert Cartell has been calling for the release of stolen vehicle data held by An Garda Síochána since 2002. This is the ten year anniversary of calling for the release of stolen data. The Stolen Motor Vehicle Unit of An […]

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Surge in Vehicle Clocking

PRESS RELEASE SURGE IN VEHICLE CLOCKING DUBLIN AND CORK WORST HIT Used Car History Check expert Cartell today, August 28, releases information on the number of clocked vehicles per county across the country. (See chart below). Clocking of motor vehicles (the resetting of a vehicle’s odometer to display less miles than those actually travelled) has […]

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Decrease in Levels of Vehicle Finance

PRESS RELEASE: from and DECREASE IN LEVELS OF VEHICLE FINANCE   Car Finance Levels Bottom Out   Used Car History Check expert reports today (23, May 2012) that less vehicles are being offered for sale with finance outstanding than at any time in the past six years. Based on extensive data checks carried […]

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PRESS RELEASE Rally of the Lakes 2012 Killarney, INEC, May 4th – May 6th 2012 The May Bank Holiday weekend has long been associated with rallying – it’s the weekend of the Rally of the Lakes an international event of prestige which features – at Molls Gap – one of the most picturesque stages […]

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PRESS RELEASE  Dot.Com Boom Bursts for Year 2000 Vehicles today reports that year 2000 cars are no longer the most prominent on Irish roads after twelve years at the top of league tables. Cars registered in that year – which recorded an unprecedented number of new car sales – were the most popular on […]

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News: Percentage of Imports in Irish Fleet by Year

Cartell stats say imports still prominent in Irish Fleet Trend continues in 2011 The Irish Sun today (Mark May) publishes an article relying on Used Car History Check expert Cartell’s statistics displaying the percentage of imports in the Irish Fleet (Private/Hackney/Taxi) since 2000. The figures show a significant increase in the prominence of imports in the […]

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€100 Million Worth of Vehicles Now Exported

Numbers of Vehicles Leaving Ireland is Growing In total 7,703 vehicles were exported out of Ireland this year to November with an estimated annualised value of €100 million. This represents an increase of 16% year-on-year, while exports have risen by 64% in the last five years. This trend is set to continue following Budget 2012 […]

Continue Reading Feature in today’s Sunday Independent Bill on Vehicle Clocking gets National Coverage Today’s Sunday Independent credits Used Car History Check experts with prominent drive to criminalise vehicle clocking in Ireland In a piece written by journalist Shane O Donoghue Cartell is mentioned in connection with drafting a Bill which seeks to send out a clear message that vehicle […]

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Car banks taking over from High Street?

Vehicle experts rely on data provided by Used Car History Check experts Cartell to argue that manufacturer-own-banks are already impacting on the financial end of the car market in Ireland. In the wake of the fallout from Lehman Brothers and the consequent global turmoil as well as our own domestic banking problems – which are […]

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Outstanding Finance still a serious problem

The Irish Times today use statistics provided by Cartell on levels of finance Statistics published today by Used Car History Check experts indicate that buyers have a 1 in 5 chance of purchasing a three year old or four year old vehicle with finance outstanding. From a sample of over 5906 vehicles offered for sale […]

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Green coloured vehicles are higher risk

The Irish Sun feature statistics provided by Cartell Today’s Irish Sun, in a feature written by journalist Mark May, features statistics provided by Used Car History Check experts Cartell which show that Green is the riskiest car colour in Ireland – by far. Following extensive research based on a sample of 5,430 write-offs taken from […]

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Used Car History Check expert is delighted to announce a new partnership with car advice experts Fronted by Ireland’s leading motoring journalists Shane O Donoghue and Paddy Comyn, Completecar has already established itself as one of the foremost Irish sources for consumer buying advice – offering practical and readily accessible information in a […]

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Cartell features on Cork’s 96FM

Jeff Aherne, Director of, featured on Cork’s 96FM today in connection with vehicle clocking. Jeff was asked to give listeners an insight into the difficulties associated with clocked vehicles. He was asked to respond to news published that a court settlement has been ordered for €1,500 after a Cork-based car buyer bought a vehicle […]

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