UK Government launch Consultation on “Clocking”

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Vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is reporting on news from the UK that the Department for Transport (UK) has launched a consultation into toughening up legislation on ‘clocking’ . In the UK knowingly selling a clocked vehicle without disclosing the fact is a criminal offence. Simon Blackburn, chairman of the UK Local Government Association (LGA) Safer […]

Car dealer sentenced to three years after selling 74 clocked cars

Vehicle History Check expert Cartell.ie reports on the continuing gulf between Ireland and our counterparts in the UK over our attitudes to vehicle clocking. This week a car dealer in the UK has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for clocking a large number of vehicles. In Ireland the clocking of a vehicle is not […]

Today’s Irish Independent features Cartell

‘Clocking’ scams are on the rise Eddie Cunningham Motoring Editor, Irish Independent Cars driven 160,000km more than stated • Buyers risk accident, may lose thousands MORE cars than ever have had their mileage altered as cheats cash in on demand for secondhand vehicles, Independent Motors can reveal. The shady figures behind the practice are putting […]