Autonomous Cars to take-off as Google patents a “sticky” layer for protection

Vehicle history expert has looked at the issue of autonomous (self-driving) cars before. Over the past 2 years there has been a regular stream of stories about them. One publication anticipates 10 million self-driving cars on the roads worldwide by 2020. In their report “Self-Driving Cars: The Next Revolution” analysts KPMG say: The new […]

Written-Off UK Imports Prominent in Ireland

PRESS RELEASE Follow-Up to RTÉ Prime Time Programme Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (11th May) on the actual numbers of written-off vehicles imported into Ireland from the United Kingdom (UK) in 2015. In a first-of-its-kind analysis – which follows-up on last night’s RTÉ Prime Time programme – Cartell reports that 10.75% of all UK […] International Rally of the Lakes this weekend!

Vehicle history expert is delighted to welcome you to the International Rally of the Lakes in Killarney this May Bank Holiday weekend (Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May). This fantastic international event is expected to draw thousands of fans and a new programme of events has been lined up this year to […]

New Cars Sales in the EU up 6% in March

Registrations of new cars in the EU posted strong growth in March, up 6% to 1.7 million units and marking the 31st consecutive month of growth – according to The online motor publication said the performance in volume terms was close to March 2007 levels, just before the financial meltdown in 2009. Registrations were […] International Rally is launched in Killarney! representatives John Byrne and Donal Lawlor attended the launch of the International Rally of the Lakes 2016 in Killarney during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. The event was hosted by event organizers The Killarney and District Motor Club, Anthony O’Connor Rally of the Lakes COC and the rally Organising Committee. It took place […]

New and Used Market Snapshot March 2016

For this analysis we looked first at the models selling well in the used vehicle market so far in 2016 and compared those results to the same period for last year. The tables below show you there has not been much change in consumer sentiment year-over-year. The Ford Focus has been consistently the best performer […]

New Vehicle Market up 23%

PRESS RELEASE USED MARKET UP 5% Vehicle History and Data expert report today (26th February) the market for both new and used vehicles is up in 2016 – the increase is significant in the case of new vehicle sales. Total transactions for new vehicles stand at 64,718 in the year up to February 25. […]

Cartell featuring in the Media

Vehicle History Check was delighted our recent story on vehicle retirements featured nationwide in national and local media. Readers will remember our story highlighted how 2016 presents an opportunity for increased car sales as 130,000 vehicles are expected to retire from the fleet this year – up 12% on last year. We particularly liked […]

Ford and Google still considering autonomous vehicle partnership

Vehicle history expert was waiting to hear the announcement of these two giants making a potential partnership in respect of autonomous cars. Even though Ford and Google didn’t announce it at CES, despite rumours the partnership was imminent, -according to The Economist– a new report from The Wall Street Journal reports that the companies […]

Detroit Auto Show reveals Hydrogen-powered Audi and FordPass

Vehicle history expert reports on the first major autoshow of the year: the Detroit Auto Show. This is the big show for North American manufacturers. Many of our readers will know the new vehicle market in the USA is booming at the moment. 2015 saw the most new vehicle sales – all time – […]

Gearing up for Winter Driving

Vehicle history and data expert promotes safe driving – in the Winter months – and throughout the year. We are delighted to display information from Southside Motor Factors which details some tips for motorists over the Winter months. Remember, even though there has been little sign of ice and snow so far this year, […]

Electric Vehicles still stall

Vehicle History Expert has written many times about electric vehicles (EVs) including about the relatively low take-up on EV ownership in Ireland. While things have improved this year- 677 all-electric vehicles were purchased representing a significant increase over last years figure of 270 – we’re still no where near the levels of exponential growth […]

Why MPG figures may be unrealistic

On a couple of occasions vehicle history expert posted blogs about the unrealistic MPG figures claimed by some manufacturers: including when consumer watchdog WhatCar? indicated real-world figures were less than claimed and launched “True MPG Data“. put together an interesting infographic where they detail the 8 reasons why your vehicle will never reach […]

Back to the Future Day – 28 DeLoreans still live in Ireland!

Today is October 21st 2015: Vehicle data expert CARTELL.IE likes its science fiction films and for fans of the Back to the Future films you will know that today is the day that the DeLorean time machine traveled to in the hit cult film. From Wikipedia: The DeLorean returns to 1985 and proceeds to travel to October 21, 2015 to […]

Road Safety Week – we can all improve on bad habits

It’s Road Safety Week and vehicle history expert is always anxious to promote and encourage safe use of the road. There has been some progress made since last year in certain respects but unfortunately some of us are still making mistakes and this can lead to grave consequences – fatal in some cases. Not […]

Written-Off Vehicle’s granted VRT Refunds

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE announce today (October 1) the number of written-off vehicles exported out of the State and issued a VRT refund. In August announced that 3,284 vehicles had been exported out of the State and of those 556 or 17% had Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) refunded by the Government. Refund […]

Which Vehicle Manufacturers are making profit?

Vehicle History Expert is looking at manufacturer profit. As we approach the end of Q3 we’re considering recently published results for Q2 2015 to give the run-down on which manufacturers are making money globally and which are still in the red as the world exits recession. Let’s start with the good news first. Ford […]

Frankfurt Motor Show Highlights

[updated: this blog updated 17th September to show some details from the new BMW 7 Series which has some cool new tech] Vehicle history check expert likes to keep up-to-date with the latest developments on the motor show circuit and the Frankfurt show is certainly one of the biggest shows on the planet. German […] have fun at the Cannonball run!

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE had fun today at the Cannonball run! The run- sponsored by business partners among several others (the lead sponsor is Manhattan)- is an event run for the purpose of generating funds for Irish children’s charities. This year we got the chance to check out the high-end vehicles early and […]

Written off vehicles in excess of 257,000 last year in UK

Vehicle data expert reports on interesting insights published in the UK by Motortrader on the number of written off vehicles in the UK – and their value. Accident Exchange, UK post-accident specialists, are quoted as estimating the number of write-offs last year topped 257,000 -worth an estimated £2bn (€2.74bn). The company said almost 12% […]

Pre-Registrations by Manufacturers again criticised

Vehicle data expert report on news this past week of criticism directed against vehicle manufacturers for pre-registering (sometimes called “self-registering”) cars. Pre-registration is when a vehicle manufacturer or dealer registers a vehicle before lining up a buyer in the open market. The process is thought to boost end-of-month sales figures by allowing targets to […]

Frankfurt Motor Show preview

Vehicle history check expert reports the 66th International Motor Show at Frankfurt will be upon us in September and we thought we’d preview four of the anticipated models expected to debute at the Show. One vehicle eagerly anticipated will be the 2016 Audi A4. The A4 is proving tremendously popular with used car buyers […]

Old Skool Toyota Run

Vehicle History Expert was delighted to support this great event which took place last Saturday 8th August @ Lee Valley Golf and Country Club, Ovens Co. Cork. Here is some background and we posted (below) some pics: “The idea Started From a few Cork Toyota Enthusiasts taking Sunday spins around the west cork scenary […]

Ted’s Opel Vauxhall Run 2015

Vehicle History Check Expert is delighted to sponsor Ted’s Opel Vauxhall Run 2015 which takes place on Saturday next August 8th. This Annual Run has grown to be one of the country’s largest Opel Vauxhall gatherings. Now in it’s eighth year the event attracts enthusiasts from all corners of the country. The 2015 base for […]

Cartell sponsors Stratisfear Cartell in Sovereign’s Cup

Vehicle History Check expert were delighted to sponsor Stratisfear Cartell and its 10-man-crew for the Sovereign’s Cup. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the inaugural Sovereign’s Cup in Kinsale. Kinsale is located at the start of the much acclaimed Wild Atlantic Way. According to the event website: “Sovereign’s Cup was the brainchild of Denis Kiely in the […]

Rise in use of Car for short trips “Concerning” – says Minister

Spending on Road Infrastructure behind – as Motor Tax funds Irish Water Vehicle history check expert reports on the article which appears in today’s Irish Independent which says commuters are rejecting public transport in favour of the car as the economic recovery takes hold and people return to work. 32 billion kilometres has been […]

€1 billion – Government take from motor tax

Vehicle history expert report on news from that the Government makes over €1 billion annually from motor tax. The figure was revealed by Environment Minister, Alan Kelly, in response to a parliamentary question from independent TD Mattie McGrath. The peak was in the period July 2013 – June 2014 when motorists rushed to […]

Cartell partners with Carzone for latest Market Report

Vehicle history expert partnered with and to help produce the latest Carzone Motoring Report. Its findings include news from that Used Vehicle Transactions hit 1 million last year. This is the first time since Cartell started measuring these statistics that that milestone has been achieved. It speaks to the recovery of […]

Used Vehicle Market Snapshot May 2015

Vehicle History Expert considered some data from the Used Vehicle Market (excluding imports) relating to May 2015 to produce a market snapshot. Here are some of the results: Overall Market Increase Comparing the May 2015 year-to-date position with the equivalent position for May 2014 shows the domestic Used Vehicle Market is up 10.33% year-on-year. […]

Dispute over 64-year-old Jaguar resolved in Court

“Rusty old shell covered in bird droppings” -worth €120,000 Vehicle history expert report on news the Circuit Civil Court today ruled on a dispute of ownership over a 64-year-old Jaguar partly restored by a Dublin panel beater – in his favour. It is reported in the media that Derek Tynan, who owns a bodyshop […]

Fake NCT Certs Circulating

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE warns buyers in relation to falsified NCT certificates found in the market place. Earlier in the year released to market an image of a stolen NCT certificate which we found circulating. That certificate was from an armed holdup at an NCT centre in Drogheda which resulted in the theft of […]

Car Dealer offers meal for inconvenience – customer chooses top restaurant

Vehicle history expert reports on news from the UK that a car dealer (Audi Watford) paid more than they bargained for when they offered a customer a meal out for inconvenience caused while collecting a new car. Reports say the vehicle, an Audi A3 convertible, was damaged while still in the showroom. Customer, Siobhan […]

Why we need to tighten up how we deal with and dispose of write-offs

On January 15, 2014 then Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar announced in the Dáil that he was “proposing to introduce a statutory control procedure in relation to written-off vehicles.” The announcement was made in response to a question put to him by Deputy Timmy Dooley (FF) who had expressed concern about “reports that more than 200,000 […]

Electric Vehicles: Making any Progress?

Updated: This blog has been updated 7th May 2015 to mention Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) (Car Clubs and Electrically Powered Vehicles) Regulations 2014 Vehicle history check expert CARTELL.IE last hit the subject of Electric Vehicle’s (EVs) in March when we reported on a tweet by Elon Musk that he was “about to end range […]

Clocking makes a comeback! – In the UK!

Media outlets in the UK are reporting on recent comments by motor trade commentator Glass’s that car clocking is on the rise in the UK -and this time it’s the owners that are doing it! In a blog post by Rupert Pontin, head of Valuations for Glass’s (and a follow-up to their Car Market Trend […]

New Car Sales Growth in Ireland and the UK

Vehicle History Check expert reported earlier this week that in Q1 2015 there have been 75,655 new vehicles sold which represents a strong 32% increase over Q1 2014. We mustn’t forget that new vehicle sales are coming off a low base and this impacts significantly on the figures. Still, confidence is clearly up on […]

‘Impossible to run out of range’ – says Elon Musk (Tesla)

Vehicle history expert are no strangers to discussions on electric vehicles (EVs). Most recently we covered the subject in July in one of our blogs which explored the advancements in popularity for this new breed of car and our preparedness in Ireland for the EV. The subject of electric vehicles continues to feature in […]

Cartell Live at Geneva Motor Show 2015 (Part 2)

Vehicle History Check expert is in Geneva at the Show. Yesterday we looked at some super machines on display (mainly on level 2) at Geneva. Today the focus is primarily on Level 1 which is even bigger. (Also check out our entire album from the Show on the Facebook page). Suzuki iM-4 Firstly, a […]

85th Edition of the Geneva Motor Show

Once again vehicle history check expert will report LIVE from the Geneva Motor Show this year! This is the 85th Edition of the show and the fourth for The Geneva show is considered the premiere event on the automotive show circuit and already the press have been reporting back on some of the […]

Buyer Beware! Stolen NCT Certs Circulating

PRESS RELEASE Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE issues today (February 18) images of a stolen NCT Certificate found circulating in the market. understands that an armed holdup at an NCT centre in Drogheda in October 2013 resulted in the theft of 850 official certificates. These certificates are stolen official documents, so they entirely resemble authentic […]

Complacency across Europe leading to Road Fatalities

It appears Ireland was not the only country last year to experience an unfortunate up-shift in numbers of recorded fatalities on our roads. The Irish Independent reports that early indications show there were also increases in numbers killed in Germany, France and the UK -the EU’s three most populous countries. The Road Safety Authority of […]

Average age of a car almost 11 years in the United States

Forbes reports the average age of a car in the United States now stands at almost 11 years – a record high. The article comments: “in a way, the auto industry is a victim of its own success: cars just don’t break down as often or wear out as fast as they used to. People […]