A Guide to Alternative Fuels

Vehicle History Experts Cartell.ie have published several times on alternative fuels and the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) market.  Our friends at Southside Motor Factors provided us with the infographic below on alternative fuels which may interest our readers.

Fossil fuels, a finite resource, are seen as environmentally unkind and the internal combustion engine consequently came under attack – first by those concerned for the environment and then by the response of Governments where motor taxation rates are pinned to CO2 emissions. The manufacturers responded – diesel-fueled engines were the first to see improvements in both fuel economy and CO2 and the performance standards of those engines improved too as the turbo diesel became the norm. Next, came improvements to the petrol engine which has seen it become market competitive again against the comparable diesel, after a long period in decline. In parallel with those developments the manufacturers have also been working on alternatives – the electric-powered vehicle included – as well as other forms of fuel.

A Guide to Alternative Car Fuels - Infographic