Fake NCT Certs Circulating

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE warns buyers in relation to falsified NCT certificates found in the market place. Earlier in the year Cartell.ie released to market an image of a stolen NCT certificate which we found circulating. That certificate was from an armed holdup at an NCT centre in Drogheda which resulted in the theft of 850 official certificates. Those certificates were stolen official documents, so they entirely resembled authentic certificates. Now, the consumer is urged to be cautious in relation to NCT certificates for a different reason – fake NCT certs are in the marketplace. What is concerning is that in both cases – falsified and stolen official NCT certs – the consumer is potentially buying a defective vehicle, unsafe for the road, which might not pass the NCT.

The consumer is advised to make the most of your Cartell Vehicle History Check by verifying the NCT certificate number for the vehicle you are looking to buy with Cartell.ie. You should also take the time to verify the Vehicle Registration Certificate number and the Chassis Number (VIN). Verifying all three of those and verifying the official photo-ID of the seller and comparing that to the person indicated on the VRC is highly recommended.

Stolen NCT Cert 180215

Stolen or fake NCT Certs may be displayed in the window of vehicles offered for sale in the market. It is also possible that unscrupulous individuals are offering stolen or fake certificates for sale and buyers may not be aware that display of those certificates constitutes an offence: Using a motor vehicle without a valid NCT Test Certificate is an offence contrary to Section 18 of the Road Traffic Act 1961 as amended by Road Traffic Act 2006, section 18. Conviction for this offence carries five penalty points and Courts may impose a fine of up to €2,000 and/or up to three months’ imprisonment.