Road Safety Week – we can all improve on bad habits

It’s Road Safety Week and vehicle history expert Cartell.ie is always anxious to promote and encourage safe use of the road. There has been some progress made since last year in certain respects but unfortunately some of us are still making mistakes and this can lead to grave consequences – fatal in some cases. Not wearing a seat belt is one of those and it’s something we can all make an extra-effort with. Please try to fasten your seat belt before you set off, rather than, as some of us do, put the belt on while we are driving or at the first set of traffic lights.

Also, remember your daytime running lights – this really does make your car more visible in murky conditions and helps a driver ahead detect a vehicle out of the corner of his or her eye before pulling out. On that issue, remember to swivel your head to check if the road is clear, and never allow a vehicle to enter unknown into your blindspot. Please be careful switching lanes on the motorway, especially moving into the middle-lane on a three-lane motorway (there may be a vehicle moving into the same lane from the other side). Please be vigilant for cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, especially when turning left (ensure there is no cyclist coming down your inside off a cycle path). If everyone spreads the message we can reduce fatalities and make the roads safer for everyone.

During road safety week we receive correspondence from lots of different parties promoting awareness. We particularly liked this infographic from solicitors Hussey Fraser: