Genuine Discount Vouchers

Last week a young man telephoned and asked a member of staff if we had vouchers available, he wanted to use our site but said that the recession was hitting home. As Ireland’s first and most trusted car history checking site, always listen to our customers. As a result is now offering discount vouchers to all its current and potential customers.

Recently a competitor’s website has been using the name to offer 20% discount vouchers for their car history checks. This has sparked complaints because only can offer genuine vouchers to carry out car history checks.

The competitor is doing this to improve their web traffic by using the trusted Cartell name on their site. Their hope is to confuse potential Cartell customers into spending money on their inferior car history checks.

Such practices are unethical. In any event, if you have been affected by this practice and are seeking to address the issue, please contact our legal department on the following email address

As Ireland’s first Car History Checking Company has a moral obligation to operate in an ethical manner and conform to all Regulatory Guidelines. We find such deliberately confusing practices immoral, given that the purpose of car history checking is to protect car buyers from unscrupulous vendors and  to increase road safety.

Any person performing a car history check in Ireland must be made aware that only the AA, SIMI, and have access to UK Finance systems to check the current finance status on UK vehicles. Recently HPI UK investigated an Irish company that claimed to check UK Finance data. They found that the Irish company accessed the data via illegal trade accounts which were used to steal data, these accounts were immediately shut down. Since then their UK Finance results have been ‘Inconclusive’. It is a matter of fact whether a car is on finance or not. Anything else is false and misleading.

Remember that only