Finance Check

Price: €15

  • Finance Check (HPI Ireland)
  • Results are Bank Verified

Cartell Finance Checks

Cartell will provide you with a complete verified finance check and you will be advised if the vehicle you are checking has finance outstanding or not. For data protection reasons in Ireland we cannot give out specific finance details (e.g. amount outstanding) and a finance house will not discuss finance details on an account with an unauthorised third party i.e. you. This is where Cartell comes in as we can contact the bank and look to obtain clearance for you, i.e. find out if there is money owed or not.

Finance car check ireland
So called “instant finance checks” are not verified and are incomplete. Consumers cannot verify the partial result with the finance company, meaning you can never be sure if there is finance. Cartell, however, can provide you with a verified result. We do all the work for you independently. During normal working hours when it is possible to contact finance institutions, Cartell will return the verified result to you within just a few minutes via a free text message and email. Outside of normal working hours AND IF there is a need to contact a finance house there will be a delay in bringing you the result. This is the only time you may have to wait. We will send the result to you as soon as possible next business day. We would perform instant finance checks, however, we feel obliged to give our customers correct and complete results, i.e. Value for money.