Intel to build fleet of 100 autonomous vehicles

Vehicle History and Data expert is re-posting the blog post over on our partner site recently announced the launch of  “Electronomous”. Electronomous addresses the Connected Car, Autonomous vehicles, Electric and Hybrid Car models and the technology that will populate the future automotive landscape.Following its takeover of Mobileye, Intel is planning to build a fleet of more than 100 autonomous vehicles for testing fully autonomous driving in Europe, Israel and the USA, according to Vehicle Electronics.

Amnon Shashua, senior VP of Intel and future CEO of Mobileye said that ‘Geographic diversity is very important as different regions have very diverse driving styles as well as different road conditions and signage. Our goal is to develop autonomous vehicle technology that can be deployed anywhere.’

These autonomous vehicles will combine proprietary capabilities from Mobileye, including computer vision, sensing, fusion, mapping and driving policy along with Intel’s open compute platforms and expertise in data centre and 5G communications technologies to deliver a complete car-to-cloud system. The fleet will include multiple car brands and vehicle types to demonstrate the technology’s agnostic nature.While this technology is being tested, allows its users to send messages to each other, improving road connectivity.