Automotive in the sharing economy

For more than a hundred years, owning and driving one’s own car has been a ‘must do’. Although different studies show that more and more millennials are not interested in owning a car. Actually, today’s millennial generation are not buying cars nor getting driver’s licenses, according to TU-Automotive.

But their need to move is not decreasing so, to meet these mobility trends, the automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental redefinition from building cars to provide mobility.

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are growing. It is likely that OEMs recognize the need to have their sharing capabilities up and running in time to meet millennials needs. The real game changer is not going to be getting people to buy self-driving cars. It will be to have people to use self-driving cars as their mean of transportation.


Carandus.com allows a user to message other drivers via the registration/license plate. In a ride-sharing economy communication between users is key to an effective transportation. One can be late to take a self-driving shared ride!

This blog published courtesy of Carandus.com