Do any Cartell Car Checks include a mileage check?

Yes you can enter the current odometer reading and a Cartell Two Star or Three Star Cartell Car Check will search by the reading you entered to see if there are any discrepancies found against The National Mileage Register (NMR).

After selecting a two or three star check you will be presented with option to enter mileage as per the screenshot below:

Mileage Check Cartell










You then simply select to enter the mileage reading in miles or kilometres and then the figure you enter will be checked against the NMR database for any discrepancies. You will be notified if there is any discrepancy in the Cartell report.

Please note to take car to ensure that you enter the correct figure when inputting the mileage. A common issue that Cartell have to correct is when a mileage figure is entered after somebody selects the checkbox to enter the figure for kilometres and vice versa.